Cultured marble is a popular product for countertops and shower surrounds. It is made of marble dust, held together with a resin and it typically comes with a gel coat to give it a high shine. This gel coat helps to protect the cultured marble from staining or etching. Normal use, hard water and even toothpaste can break down this gel coat, requiring the cultured stone to be resealed with a new gel coat.

Step 1

Clean the counter well. Avoid using any abrasives, as this may scratch the cultured marble. A liquid cleaner is best.

Step 2

Use a dry cloth to rub the Gel-Gloss into the cultured marble and allow it to dry to a haze.

Step 3

Buff off the haze with a second, dry cloth until the cultured marble reaches a high shine. The cultured marble is now sealed, with a new gel coat to help protect it.