How to Tint Lexan

Lexan is a form of Plexiglas that is often used for windows in place of glass. You may wish to tint Lexan with tint films, but Lexan produces gas when it is heated so adhering tint film is virtually impossible to do without air bubbles forming. Spraying tint allows you to cover the entire surface evenly while still allowing gas to escape from the surface without disturbing the tinted finish.

Lexan is a strong, reliable alternative to glass.

Step 1

Clean Lexan with degreaser. Apply an even coat and wipe away dirt and debris with a paper towel. Wash clean with water.

Step 2

Frame Lexan with painter's tape. Cover any surrounding surfaces with newspaper to protect them from any tint spray.

Step 3

Paint the Lexan with tint spray. Apply an even coat by holding the can 10 to 12 inches from the surface of the Lexan. Avoid holding the can in one spot for an extended period of time as this can cause puddling. Allow the spray to dry for two to three hours and apply a second coat if necessary to achieve a darker tint.

Step 4

Remove the painter's tape and newspaper from surrounding areas.