How to Attach Fabric to Concrete Walls

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Things You'll Need

  • Epoxy glue

  • Furring strips

  • Upholstery tacks

  • Hammer


Lightly tack your fabric along the top of the strips before you begin, this will help you keep the fabric straight as you are attaching it by spreading it out across the surface of the wall.


Make sure that the fabric you are using is flame retardant and keep all sources of heat and flame away from the wall or you run the risk of a fire.

Using fabric to decorate your walls is an easy way to create a unique look in any room. If you are wanting to attach fabric to concrete walls you will need to first learn how to create a frame for the fabric out of furring strips. Furring strips are thin strips of wood that are kiln dried. The frame is nothing more then a regular attachment of the strips to your concrete wall. You do not want to attach fabric directly to a concrete wall as the moisture that can pass through the wall can cause the fabric to mold.


Step 1

Apply a bead of concrete epoxy glue to one side of the furring strips. Make sure the bead runs from end to end.

Step 2

Apply a bead of concrete epoxy glue to your concrete wall running from floor to ceiling where you want to place the furring strip. Place the furring strips every 3 feet along the wall.

Step 3

Wait for the epoxy on the wall and the epoxy on the furring strip to dry enough that it feels tacky to the touch. Press the furring strip to the concrete wall, epoxy to epoxy, and hold each strip in place for 1 minute before releasing it and moving on to install the next one. Let the epoxy set for 2 hours.


Step 4

Attach the uppermost corner of your fabric to the first furring strip by tacking it into place using an upholstery tack and a hammer.

Step 5

Tack your fabric down the length of your first furring strip so the fabric is taut. Place a upholstery tack every 6 inches down the entire length of the strip.

Step 6

Pull the top of your fabric over to the next furring strip and tack it in place. Pull the bottom edge over and tack it as well. Place upholstery tacks every 6 inches between the top and bottom tack on the furring strip to hold the fabric in place. Continue attaching your fabric until the entire wall is covered.


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