How to Cut Acrylic Mirror

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Things You'll Need

  • Safety goggles

  • Work gloves

  • Ruler

  • Scoring tool


Put on safety goggles and work gloves before you start cutting the mirror.

Use a new, sharp scoring tool to make a smooth cut.


Dispose of any sharp shards of acrylic safely.

Acrylic mirrors weigh lighter than glass mirrors.

Acrylic mirrors are often used in place of glass because they are much stronger and don’t shatter like glass. Acrylic is also lighter, so carrying it and hanging it on a wall is easier. They are the safest mirrors to use, especially around children. It needs to be cut in a special way to get a clean and proper cut.


Step 1

Place the mirror face up on a table. Position a ruler on the mirror where you want to make the cut. Hold the ruler firmly in place with your weaker hand.

Step 2

Score the acrylic along the edge of the ruler where you want to cut. Make several firm passes along it with a scoring tool to mark the cutting line.

Step 3

Position the mirror so the scored line is hanging over the edge of the table. Whichever is the smaller side of the scoring should be the side over the end of the table.


Step 4

Place your palm on the larger side of acrylic on the table. Hold the acrylic down as firmly as possible. Grasp the short side of the mirror hanging over the side of the table and make a swift, firm downward push on the acrylic. Keep pressing down on the scored portion of acrylic until the piece breaks away.



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