How to Fix a Chip in a Wine Glass

Wine glasses are very elegant and delicate. They generally have a timeless appearance that fits every style. We enjoy using them for our favorite wine, and they are very easy to keep clean. However, because they are so delicate, it is very common to chip the rim. Learn a quick fix for a minor chip that will restore your glass to like-new condition.

Fix small chips in your glass.

Step 1

Wash and dry your glass.

Step 2

Cut a small piece of the coarsest sandpaper--the 320-grit paper--and wrap it around the eraser end of a pencil. Use a small piece of tape to hold in place.

Step 3

Put on your gloves and eye protection. Hold your glass and gently sand the chipped part of its rim. Sand the entire chipped section.

Step 4

Change your sandpaper to the medium-grit paper--the 400-grit sandpaper--and tape into place around the pencil. Sand the entire chipped area again.

Step 5

Change your sandpaper again to the fine-grit paper--the 600-grit paper--and tape into place on the pencil. Sand the chipped part thoroughly for the last time.

Step 6

Wipe away any glass and sandpaper residue with a cloth.

Step 7

Put silver polish on the cloth and gently polish the chipped area. This will give the glass rim a nice, smooth rim.


If your chip is more like a break, or it is too large to sand and polish, consider taking the glass to have it professionally repaired.