How to Stop a Tablecloth From Slipping

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When your tablecloth moves every time you use it, it's about as annoying as -- but maybe less embarrassing than -- a faulty pants zipper that comes undone throughout the day. Discover some tablecloth-securing tips or fixes -- that are as easy as using a safety pin to fix unruly clothing.

Lay Some Rubber

Laying a non-slip mat across the table, under the tablecloth, may be one of the quickest ways to keep the cloth from moving. Opt for a cut-to-length mat, and center it the full length of the table -- if it isn't large enough to fit the entire span -- for staying power. It also acts as a bit of protective padding under those steaming dishes of deliciousness, but the heat can create a melting factor, adhering the rubber to the table and maybe even the cloth. So, you may not want to go this route, especially if the table or cover is a precious or expensive one -- or use trivets to the problem.

Weigh to Stay

Keeping a table cover on may be as simple as weighing it down with a heavy object. Use a pair or grouping of lead-crystal candleholders, for example. Or, add weight to a silk arrangement, such as ordinary pebbles or rocks, smartly hidden in the centerpiece's opaque vase or pot.

Alternatively, borrow the idea of curtain weights for your tablecloth, creating a scalloped edge along the hem, and incorporating small, evenly spaced weights -- such as metal washers -- into the design. Or, open the hem to add weighted hemming cord or chain, using a bobby pin or paper clip to feed it through. If you prefer a more casual fix, simply weight the hem evenly in four or six spots, using clothespins and heavy, decorative objects.

It's a Tie

For a casual look, tie each corner of a draping tablecloth to the corresponding table legs, if fabric length allows; a simple single knot will do, as long as the material isn't too silky. Alternatively, tie a wide ribbon around the table just below the tabletop, creating an elegant gathered look from a generous-sized cloth. For something even more upscale, secure the tablecloth's corners to the legs with lengths of tulle, forming neat bows or rosettes.

Clip It Still

Remedy a slipping outdoor -- or indoor -- table cover with DIY tablecloth clips, which secure the material to the tabletop. Paint wood clothespins to match the fabric color, sneakily blending the colors together. Or, use metal clamps, hiding them with material-matching spray paint or jazzing them up with natural burlap ribbon or jute cord.

Lorna Hordos

Lorna Hordos

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