How to Make an Eye in Cable Wire Rope

Cable wire rope consists of thousands of strands of wire. Each individual wire adds to the strength of the cable. To utilize this strength, you need to add cable eyelets or eyes to the length of the cable. A proper eye needs to have a support structure and a securely clamped "dead end" of cable. "Dead end" refers to the cable that ends shortly after the loop that forms the cable eye. The "live" end of the rope refers to the longer length of cable that comprises the majority of the finished cable length.

Step 1

Read the cable clamp instructions to determine the amount of cable that needs to extend past the finished loop.

Step 2

Fold the cable wire rope to form a loop, leaving the recommended amount of cable running past the loop.

Step 3

Place a cable clamp over the folded cable wire rope with the U-bolt on the "dead end" of the cable. Do not close the size of the loop you created in Step 2.

Step 4

Place the wire rope thimble inside the loop.

Step 5

Slide the cable clamp that you placed on the wire cable in Step 3 up to the wire rope thimble to tighten the loop.

Step 6

Hand-tighten the two nuts located on the saddle of the cable clamp.

Step 7

Place the recommended number of cable clamps on the doubled-up section of cable, spaced per the manufacturer's installation instructions.

Step 8

Hand-tighten each clamp to hold each in its location.

Step 9

Set the torque wrench to the manufacturer specified torque required to secure the cable clamps and place the appropriate sized socket onto the end of the torque wrench. .

Step 10

Tighten each nut on the cable clamp with the torque wrench. Stop tightening the bolt when you hear the torque wrench click.