How to Install Vinyl Siding on a Porch Ceiling

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Things You'll Need

  • Galvanized steel nails

  • Nail gun or hammer

  • Measuring tape

  • Tin snips


If the porch ceiling is not strong enough to support the siding and nails, attach nailing strips to the edges and parallel to the ceiling joists with construction adhesive. You will then attach to the nails to the strips.

Vinyl siding creates a decorative and practical exterior for your home, serving as a relatively low-maintenance option to cover the side of your house. Installation generally requires little more than a nail gun and measuring tape but installing the siding around differently shaped or designed areas of your home, like a porch ceiling, can get tricky. Take the time to do the job right to keep your siding in place and looking its best for years to come.


Step 1

Inspect the ceiling surface to make sure it is solid enough to support nails. The material cannot split or crack when you install a nail to hold up the siding. Drive a test nail or two through the material if necessary to ensure it will hold up the siding.

Step 2

Remove any border molding or fixtures from the ceiling. Invert the J-channel vinyl siding pieces, included with your siding kit and line them up with the perimeter of the ceiling to act as molding. The J-shape allows for rainwater runoff.

Step 3

Secure the J-channel strips in place with galvanized steel nails and a nail gun or hammer. Leave a gap of 1/32 inch between the nail head and the siding to allow for expansion. The nails must be long enough to penetrate at least ¾ inch into the porch ceiling. Set a nail every 12 inches in the center of the nailing slot for proper security.


Step 4

Space all strips ¼ inch away from each other to allow for the siding to expand with the weather. When all perimeter pieces are in place, set one of the siding panels into the channel at one end of the porch, leaving the required ¼ inch gap from the back of the channel.

Step 5

Nail the siding panel in place every 12 inches along the board with the same procedure as before. Continue to set panels in the first row, always including the expansion gap. If you have to cut a piece of siding to fit your installation, do so with tin snips.

Step 6

Set all panels in place using the same procedures and expansion gap. Work across the ceiling from one corner to the other until you complete the installation.



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