Breaking glass can not only make a mess, but it can also seem hopeless to fix. Glass is very delicate, so you must be careful when piecing it back together. Epoxy glue is best to use when gluing a glass bowl, as it is waterproof when dry, so you will be able to wash it without it coming apart. Repairing your glass bowl should only take about five minutes if done correctly.


Step 1

Mix the resin and hardener together, which makes the epoxy glue.

Step 2

Clean the pieces of the glass bowl. Put the pieces together as you are going to glue it, so that you know it will go back correctly.

Step 3

Hold one part of the broken bowl, broken edge up, into a pan while you pour sand into the pan to hold it firm. This will hold it in place while you are piecing the bowl together.

Step 4

Use a toothpick and put glue onto broken edges of the glass bowl.

Step 5

Put the pieces of the bowl back together, being careful not to apply too much pressure. If there is any excess glue, clean it with a cotton swab that has acetone on it.

Step 6

Clamp the object together and hold it in place using clothespins. Do not remove the clamps until you are sure the epoxy glue is dried thoroughly; this could take up to one week.