How to Transition Between Tile & Carpet

Transitioning between carpet and tile is the last step of any tile installation project. It finishes the project off for good. When you are completing a tiling project yourself, it is important to remember to roll the carpet away from the tiling area instead of cutting it to where you think the tile might end. After the tile installation is finished, the carpet can be rolled back over the tiled area and the edge of the tile can be used as a cutting guide so the carpet will be cut exactly where it needs to be cut.

Transition from carpet to tile.

Step 1

Roll the carpet edge back away from the tile. Install tack strips 1/2 inch away from the edge of the tile by hammering the pre-installed nails into the subfloor.

Step 2

Roll the carper back over the tack strip and push the carpet onto the nails so the carpet will stay in place.

Step 3

Place a metal or a finished piece of wood transition strip (also called a threshold) over the tile-to-carpet transition area. If you need to, cut the transition strip to the correct width.

Step 4

Lay the transition strip over the transition area so the edge of the strip that angles downward sits over the carpet side of the transition. Be sure the nail or screw holes are oriented over the carpet.

Step 5

Nail metal transition strips down to the subfloor with a hammer and fluted nails (usually provided with the transition strip); screw wood transition strips down to the subfloor with screws and an electric drill.