How to Refinish a Cultured Marble Sink

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Things You'll Need

  • Mild dish soap

  • Soft bristle brush

  • Soft old toothbrush

  • *Optional: Cultured marble repair kit (Refinishing Online)

  • Carnauba-based was (like Flitz or Gel Gloss)

  • *Optional: Envirotex finish

  • Power drill

  • Buffer pad and attachment

  • *Optional: Rotary tool and buffer attachment

  • Towel

  • Tape

  • Plastic sheeting

  • *Optional: Painter's suit

  • *Optional: Safety gear (eyes, respiration, gloves)

  • Distilled water


Abrasive cleaning products often scratch the surface of countertops and sinks. Use a product designed to clean without abrasives to protect the finish of the sink and countertop. Many manufacturers recommend specific cleansers for their products. Avoid using tap water if the sink develops mineral build-up quickly.


Applying a completely new surface may require additional safety measures as the chemicals involved are more caustic. Read the product labels carefully for additional precautions.

Cultured marble sink in need of refinishing

Cultured marble sink and vanities are popular and attractive. These one-piece countertop and sink combinations offer seamless sink areas that are highly resistant to water problems and some of the damage issues of other sinks and countertops. They have clean lines and have served as the precursor to more contemporary solid material combinations. Many homes use cultured marble in the bathroom because the product is quite durable. Over time, the finish may become marred or scratches may appear. It is possible to renew the finish on a cultured marble sink and restore its appearance.

Step 1

Wash the countertop and sink using mild dish soap and brushes. Clean areas around chrome fittings and seams. Rinse well with distilled water. Distilled water doesn't have the minerals of common tap water and will not leave deposits on fixtures and sinks.

Step 2

Repair any chips or gouges by using the products in a cultured marble repair kit such as those available through Refinishing Online. If the sink has only minor scratches and a dull look, then no repairs are necessary.

Step 3

Remove hard water stains, mineral build-up, rust and other surface contaminants by using products such as Barkeeper's Friend. The sink should be as clean as possible before applying the new wax finish.

Step 4

Mask off and tape everything around the countertop and sink area that are to be protected from splatter.

Step 5

Apply a Carnauba-based wax to the countertop and sink area. Carnauba-based wax can often be found in automotive stores under product names such as Flitz or Gel Gloss. The application of the wax is very similar to buffing a car.

Step 6

Buff the wax onto the sink until the shine returns. If the sink is too small for the size of the standard buffing wheels, small rotary tools have much smaller buffing wheels that can be used in very tight places.

Step 7

Apply a completely new finish if the countertop and sink have been sanded down and the original finish of the cultured marble is gone. Products such as Envirotex are designed to reproduce the original finish.

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