Brownstones, Interior Styling, and Haunted Houses: October 2022 Podcast Recap

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Being Home With Hunker is a podcast where each week we chat with designers, artists, and creatives in the spaces that express and shape their identities: their homes.

On the Being Home With Hunker podcast in October, The Brownstone Boys discussed the defining features of brownstones; celebrity nutritionist Kelly LeVeque shared healthy home tips; interior designer and HGTV start Leanne Ford talked about her new print magazine called FEEL FREE; interiors stylist Hilary Roberson delved into why she wrote her latest design book, ‌Nomad at Home‌, and Kimo Kepano told ghost stories for our episode that landed on Halloween.


For a quick fix, click on our recap episode below. It features short clips from each conversation, basically a taste of who we had on the show and the topics we talked about.

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Listen to the Show: October Recap 2022

For the full episodes, click on these links below.

The Brownstone Boys

First up we spoke with Barry and Jordan, otherwise known as The Brownstone Boys. Based out of Brooklyn, NY, these partners — in business and in life — have a deep passion for renovating brownstones. Ever wonder what exactly a brownstone is? The boys explain.


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Kelly LeVeque

Then, Kelly LeVeque, celebrity nutritionist and creator of the uber-popular Fab Four smoothie, talked about the renovations she's been doing on her very first home and the way she wants her home to look and feel.


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Leanne Ford

After, I spoke again to Leanne Ford. She is our very first repeat guest on the podcast. I knew I wanted to have her back on once I heard that she had created a new print magazine called FEEL FREE. Leanne has such a refreshing, inspiring take on creativity and why it's time to lay down the need for perfection.


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Hilary Robertson

From "so this book for anyone who hasn't yet picked it up" up to "always as a child I wanted to live somewhere else. Always."



I also had the opportunity to speak with interiors stylist and author Hilary Robertson, who also happens to be the Style Director of Leanne Ford's FEEL FREE magazine. I love Hilary's latest design book, ‌Nomad at Home‌, and asked her to share more about the influence of travel on design.

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Kimo Kepano

And finally, in this fascinating conversation, Hawaiian light seer Kimo Kepano, shared some pooky stuff for our Halloween episode. In addition to fascinating ghost stories, Kimo shared about portals that may happen in some of our homes.

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And there you have — a taste of the episodes we had here on the Being Home Hunker Podcast in October. Visit our show notes for direct links to these full episodes and more information on all these amazing guests.



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