Kelly LeVeque: Home Is for Making Memories and Sharing Food

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Being Home With Hunker is a podcast where each week we chat with designers, artists, and creatives in the spaces that express and shape their identities: their homes.

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"The point of our home is not to make a beautiful home and then not invite people over. It's to open our doors, and bring our neighbors in, and bring our friends in, and sit our family around the kitchen table and make memories and share food." — Kelly LeVeque


On the Being Home With Hunker podcast we feature Kelly LeVeque. Kelly wears many hats: she is a holistic nutritionist and wellness expert, an author of three books, and podcast host of Be Well By Kelly. Perhaps you've heard of her and her uber-popular Fab 4 Smoothie. (She and her smoothie recipes have a ‌big‌ celebrity fan base.) I have her book "Body Love" and I can personally attest to the many great recipes, thoughtful advice, and scientific-based knowledge.

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In our conversation, Kelly shares how to make her famous smoothie — as well as the science behind why it works. She also talks about the big renovation she and her family have been going through as they design their first home — and she has helpful ideas on how to "green" a home, from the paint to the furniture to the glue that holds her floors together.

Take a listen to the episode, and then be sure to check out Kelly's protein powder, her books, and her guides and courses. See below for links to everything.


Show Notes

  • What the Fab 4 Smoothie is, and how everyone can make one at home.

  • Kelly's home renovation process.

  • How she is designing her home with what she holds as valuable. Think: water filters, zero-VOC paint, non-toxic flooring, and eco-friendly furniture.

  • How to improve air quality in a home.

  • The effects of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) – and how she is addressing this in her home.

  • Wellness tips for how to use lighting in our homes.

  • Why she's creating an open concept home.

  • Her happy place — the kitchen — and how she's encouraging her boys to spend time together in this space.

  • Why she loves rugs — and how she's choosing them for her home, making sure they are natural and non-toxic.

  • Other design elements she's using and creating in her new home.

  • The words she and her husband used to help envision their home during the design process.


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About the Podcast

Being Home With Hunkeris a new podcast where we explore the idea of "home" – not just as a place where you live, but as an expression of your identity. Each week we talk with designers, creatives, and artists about who they are, how they create meaningful spaces, and what "being home" means to them.


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