Kimo Kepano: On Ghost Stories and Spooky Happenings at Home

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"A lot of the terminology is like 'A door opens,' or 'The veil lifts,' or "A portal opens and expands, and they come through.' So essentially, portal is just another word to describe a doorway for energy or spirit energy to move through." — Kimo Kepano


On the Being Home With Hunker podcast we have back on the show Kimo Kepano, Hawaiian Light Seer.

Video of the Day

Video of the Day

On Kimo's Instagram and TikTok accounts, Kimo has been commenting on videos that feature paranormal activity — people seeing ghosts, knives flying through kitchens, hair being pulled when no one is in the room… you name it. He does these blind reactions where he watches videos that people send to him and then tunes into whether it's truth or fiction. And you guys, some of these videos really are true. (Like the knife being thrown across the kitchen by spirit energy!)


As a light seer, Kimo can see what a lie looks like. This is how he knows if these videos are real or fake. He says that lies literally look like something — the colors are different, they have a different vibration — and so does truth. So Kimo can see it, hear it, and feel it. How cool is that?!

Kimo explains more in this conversation and shares some real spooky stories (as well as a sweet spirit story), so you'll want to listen all the way through!


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(Edited slightly for clarity)

Laurie Grossman: I'm so happy to see your face. You're back. You're back on this podcast.


Kimo Kepano: I am so fortunate to be back on this podcast. It makes me so happy. I'm trying hard to not jump out of my seat.

Laurie: Okay, so you've been doing this on your social account, Aloha Light Seer, where people send you videos of some paranormal activity, a haunting, and then you do these blind reactions.



Kimo: Yes.

Laurie: Which I think is so cool. I was watching your videos, and then I realized last night, I was like, "I feel kind of funky." And I was like, "I might be feeling a little scared or just off."

Kimo: Yeah.


Laurie: And then right before, earlier today, I was in my house and I was just like minding my own business and out of the corner of my eye saw something, and I startled, and my heart went, but it was a broom. It was my broom that was hanging on the wall.

Okay, let's talk ghost stories now. So how did you start commenting on these paranormal videos?


Kimo: So that started off from my marketing team. They said, "Hey, what if we kind of send you some of these videos that are going viral?" And I said, "I don't want to do that." They said, "Well, why?" And I answered, "Well, the work that I do is very energetic and I talk to spirit, but I don't want to be known as a ghost hunter." And they said, "Oh, just try it out."


Laurie: Yeah.

Kimo: And I had so much fun, and the videos were a big hit. So now I continue to post those videos on TikTok and on Instagram.

Laurie: Yeah. They're so much fun to watch. Okay, so we've already had you on this podcast, so people can listen to that to hear about your whole background as a Hawaiian High Seer. So let me see if I'm explaining this right though. So you have intuitive, psychic senses, and you can talk to spirit, see spirit, feel spirit. Is this how you would describe it?


Kimo: Absolutely, and it does go beyond spirit. It is in direct communication with all of my senses, with spirit energy. But it goes beyond that to be about energy. So yes, it is the energy of spirit, but it's also the energy of the body, the energy within the environment around you, and literally feels like I'm on a psychedelic 24 hours a day.


Laurie: Oh my God. Okay. You said you came with a couple ghost stories.

Kimo: Oh, I did. You're going to love it.

Laurie: Oh my God. I want them

Kimo: Because this is Kimo. Every ghost story is going to have a little mini lesson.

Laurie: I love it. You're an educator. Let's do it. Of course.

Kimo: So let's talk about one that is wildly misunderstood, and that is seen by many, many people. And in fact, I didn't see this one, up until just a few years ago.

I was in my sister's home. I have two twin sisters who are younger than me, and I was in her home, and I'm watching her move around the kitchen, and I was spending the summer with my family. And I'm watching her, but I keep on watching this female spirit energy around my sister, and I know that she's not connected to the family. I know that she's not connected to the home, and I know that my sister is terrified of her.

All my siblings are seers, but my sister doesn't like to see. She doesn't like that she has the gift. So she kind of tunes it out, and one day we're in the kitchen. My sister's name is Miran, and I said, "Miran, have you not had a conversation with this female in the room?" And my sister goes, "Who do you see?" And I described her. My sister goes, "Ugh, been trying to avoid her."

And my sister explains what she looks like. And for me, because I see trauma first, and then I see the version through that, let me explain the way that I chose to see this female energy. Probably about five six. She had long, dark, dark brown hair. She was kind of wearing a grayish color. It looked like it was a little wet to me.


Laurie: Yeah.

Kimo: Very, very kind, simple looking face, was always watching my sister wherever she was. Now, if I was a normal intuitive, I might have looked at that as a haunting. When I asked my sister about her, my sister says, "I can't stand her." She goes, "I see her all the time." But my sister described her a different way. And as soon as my sister described her this way, I could see that version because it comes in through trauma. She says, "She's always wet. She has hair all over her face like this. She's always soaking wet, and she's always in my face."

Laurie: Oh my God.

Kimo: "She's in my eye to sleep. She's in my face when I'm waking up. I see her out of the corner of my eye, behind my reflection in the mirror." And I said, "Oh, oh, oh, oh. Stop. The moment you start to feed your fear muscle, she will only come in that way." My sister says, "But why? No one died in this house. Why is she here?" And here's where it gets a little tricky, when multiple people see her. She is connected to the frequency of insecurity.

Laurie: Whoa.

Kimo: And my sister is a beautiful woman, but has normal insecurities like everyone else, and when I tune into this person, this would be the equivalent of what many people in Central America and Latin America call La Llorona, which is the crying, weeping woman. Right?

In Japanese culture, she would be considered that same element of the grudge, wet, in dark hair. So this is an energy that is seen by multiple people. And I'm telling my sister she's connected to the insecurity muscle that you have. So you have to change this very specific brand of insecurity that you have. And my sister says, "Okay." And she goes, "Well, what is the process?" And I said, "Well, she's following you." My sister says, "That's enough. That's that's the exact opposite thing that I want to hear." I said, "But she's following you because there is a connection." And to be honest, when I look at her, she's not in Asia, she's not in Central America. When I see her, I can see where the body was found. And I actually think that it's France, just because it looks like she's in [inaudible 00:07:32]. When I'm looking at her, I'm looking at how the body was found, and the body was found decomposing in water.


Laurie: Dear God.

Kimo: There's a lot of other elements that are happening to this female spirit that I won't go into great detail, but a lot of it connects to insecurity. When we think about emotions, emotions are not just specific to you and I in this room. We're in two completely different places of the United States right now, but yet we can feel each other's energy.

So my sister starts herself on the process of really trying to say, "Okay, instead of fear element, I'm going to lean in and try to engage, and as hard as it's going to be, I'm going to try to engage and remove some of my insecurity." So she starts to do this process, and it's a hard process for her. One day my sister is at her home and she's kind of upstairs in her gym, and she's working out, and she's kind of lying on the floor. She says, she opens her eyes and she sees this female spirit energy right above her. And my sister says, "I am going to choose to look at her with a different kind of frequency." And she says that she lifted up her hair, and all of a sudden her face was simple and clean, and open expression instead of a vacant hollow expression.

And my sister says, "I can't believe it was actually that easy," because the process is not easy. But once it happens, it just snaps. It just connects.

Laurie: Oh my God, though.

Kimo: But it shifted really, really quick, and I asked her since then, "Have you seen her lately?" She goes, "I will sometimes see her, but I know that I have to work hard." And then, what I hadn't told my sister is she's now following my sister's daughter. My sister's got three girls, and she's following the daughter.

Laurie: Oh my God.

Kimo: And then my sister says, "I think that she's back." And I said, "But where is she?" She said, "She's not around me." And I said, "She's around the middle daughter." And my sister said, "She's around the middle daughter, right?"

Laurie: This sounds scary though, Kimo. This does sound very scary. I mean, God.

Kimo: But here's the thing. Yes, it sounds terrifying, but when we understand that spirit energy that is not connected to the land, to that home, technically to my sister, there's no connection. It's no entity, it's no attachment, which is what we normally think of. It's connection is only through the insecurity element. And my sister's middle daughter has a similar insecurity that my sister has.

Laurie: Yeah.

Kimo: How wild?

Laurie: It's so wild. And I would be screaming my head off personally, if I was opening my eyes and seeing this woman staring at me. But here's what I want to know. So I think that you had mentioned this too, that it's not that the house is haunted. Are you saying there's no such thing as a haunted house? But it's just what we experience, or the energy and spirit in it?

Kimo: Yeah. And this viewpoint is actually quite challenging, even for other mediums or intuitives. But spirit energy is not confined to four walls. It never was for walls. But the only confinement within that home is the energy that you keep confined in the home.

Laurie: Oh, yeah.

Kimo: And this is one of those nonverbal things that we do with energy, where it's like we have these things happening, and these emotions that we don't want our neighbors to see.

Laurie: Yeah, yeah.

Kimo: We don't want the neighbor to hear you. You're energetically keeping it in the home. Well, energy responds to spirit, responds to echo imprints, consciousness and more. So the only thing keeping things confined to the home is the feeding of that energy. But it's not confined to the home, which is why multiple spirit energy is seen in multiple places, and even at the same time.

Laurie: Can't we just open up windows and sage, and light some candles, and just kind of shoo?

Kimo: Oh, yes.

Laurie: Yeah?

Kimo: Absolutely. It's all about intention, which is why if you were to have a priest bless the house, that might work for some people. But if you don't align with that viewpoint, it wouldn't work for you.

Laurie: Right, right.

Kimo: You could have a shaman come in, and if that aligns with you, then that might work for you. Or prayer. Whatever that is.

Laurie: I have a question that just popped into my mind, just kind of thinking of these kind of scary things. So when I was younger, I was in high school, we'd go to my basement. My friends would all come over after school, and we'd go to my basement. It wasn't a scary basement. It was a nice, it was like where we hung out, rec room, and we would take out the Ouija board. And there was this really concentrated time where we all did it together, turn off the lights, do the Ouija board. And it felt like it was working. Now I don't really know how it works, but it would give us answers to things, and we'd be screaming and, "Oh my god, oh my God."

And around the same time, my mom went to go see a psychic, and my mom said that the woman said to her, "Your daughter is playing with evil forces. She needs to stop." So my mom came home to tell me that, and I was like, "It's got to be the Ouija board." And I refused to go to the basement and I made my dad throw it out. Is that a real thing, though?

Kimo: I mean, first of all, I learned when I was young as well, that Ouija is very, very evil and invites dark energy. That's what I learned as well. But when it comes to Ouija boards, I want us to just take a moment and substitute the word Ouija for intuition, or channeling.

And there's lots of people who will use a pendulum, or they'll use taro cards, or they will use dowsing rods. Those are all the same thing. So you're just looking for a conduit of information to flow through you. So Ouija board is just the conduit. We have a connotation that it's something dark and evil, and it could be if you are choosing to conduit through there.

Laurie: Right.

Kimo: Now, here's where a lot of psychics and mediums push up against me, and I do it actively and openly.

Laurie: Okay.

Kimo: They will say things just like your mother psychic said. "That Ouija board is bringing in evil energy. It will always bring in evil energy, et cetera. So for me, it is critical that if I have this ability to see, it is critical that I continually educate myself.

Most intuitives and psychics will not seek education, but we need to have that because remember all energy will flow throughout the way that I understand energy and information. Fortunately, I'm an educator, so it comes in through the education of mind. But most people aren't doing that on their own. They're just having an intuitive thought, making an assumption into something scary, because they have a fear filtered themselves. And that becomes their version of their reality.

So what I often say to other mediums or psychics, or there's going to be people listening to this who maybe have the ability to see, they may not identify as a psychic or a medium. My suggestion is to continually grow, and to look through information, because that psychic who told your mother that there was a shred of truth there. But it was only the beginning and not the end. And had she looked through that, the prescription that she gave your mother would've been incredibly different.

Laurie: Wow.

Kimo: Very, very different.

Laurie: Yeah. Okay. Well I wish I knew that then, because we tossed it out and never played with it again.

Kimo: Well, and to be honest, it does take skill to be able to communicate. So had you have continued to deal with that without any education, maybe it would've been a little scary

Laurie: Yeah, yeah. Oh my gosh.

You said you had another ghost story.

Kimo: Yeah, I got too many for you.

Laurie: Okay.

Kimo: But let me give you another.

Laurie: Okay.

Kimo: This one does have a little mini lesson in it as well.

Laurie: Oh good.

Kimo: I was doing a session with a woman, and I was asking if she was partnered and just kind of information about her, and she was talking about her boyfriend that was in the other room. And I just said, "Yeah, well he's in the other room with his friend and they're playing video games." And she goes, "He's playing video games, but what did you just say?" I said, "Well, he's in there with his best friend." She says, "Can we just stop for a second?" And she goes, "I need a moment." And I said, "Well, why?" She goes, "Just give me a moment." She kind of leaves and she comes back, and she says, "My boyfriend is going to want to have a session with you tomorrow."

And I said, "No problem." Because his best friend had unlived himself, prior to that. But for me, many of the times, spirit looks like a person. Right? When I'm walking down the streets of New York City, sometimes I can't tell if they're alive or if they're not alive.

Laurie: Oh my God.

Kimo: So I saw his best friend in the room with him. I ended up meeting with a boyfriend the next day. I come prepared, and I'm looking through light frequency and I'm saying all these great things about their friend. Their friend is very proud of you because you're doing music. He's like, "Yeah, I'm making a lot of music." I'm like, "Yeah, he keeps on watching you write, and then you go to your computer back and forth." He's like, "Yeah, that's awesome." But then he says, "You know, Kimo, you keep on talking to me about my friend as this really awesome person, but that's not how he lived. The end of his life was really, really hard. He turned into a bit of an ogre," was the way that this client had described him.

And he goes, "When he unlived himself," he goes, "It was a really big spectacle. It was all over the news." And in that moment, my abilities slipped.

Laurie: Oh.

Kimo: And they shouldn't have slipped. I should have been more clear. But they slipped, because I dropped my frequency of light frequency. And what happened is I dropped into trauma, because I was curious and I shouldn't have been. So all of a sudden I could see the version that he talked about, and that spirit energy that I had been in communication with, watching him play video games and being proud of him got really big and really scary looking. Right?

Laurie: Yeah.

Kimo: We closed the session. I turned off my computer. I go right into the bathroom, and I live by myself. So I'm in my shower and I can hear my dog outside of the bathroom freaking out. And I have a non barking animal, doesn't bark, doesn't make any noise. And he was attacking something, and I could hear him. He was ripping something apart, and I instantly, I knew exactly what was happening. I thought, "Oh my goodness. I was looking at this person who had unlived myself in a high frequency. I slipped." I dropped my frequency low to see what my client was looking at, and then I didn't transmute it back. So that energy was in the home. And now on the other side of my shower is my kitchen, and I heard furniture sliding.

Laurie: No. Oh my god.

Kimo: Now my house is not haunted. I don't believe that it is haunted. But in that moment, I was afraid. I was afraid. So instead of being afraid, Laurie-

Laurie: Yes.

Kimo: I reminded myself that I have got more autonomy than that. So I said, "Instead of scaring me, I'm going to finish my shower. I'm going to go back out there, and then I'm going to handle it." So I finished my shower, and I walk out with my towel around my waist, and I turned the corner to check on the dog. And as soon as I turned the corner, I was hit. It felt like I ran into somebody.

Then all of a sudden, I was being choked and strangled, and my air was leaving my body. Not like a hand was over my neck, but the air was being pulled out of my body and I couldn't breathe. And I realized that I was literally walking into this energy. So I had to push myself back. I used a curse word, I used the summer word. But instead of scaring me, you are going to change and get the hell out of here.

Laurie: Yeah. Yeah.

Kimo: Go to check on the dog. The dog is hiding under the kitchen table, because all the chairs had been moved to the side.

Laurie: Oh my god.

Kimo: Right?

Laurie: Yeah.

Kimo: Now I get my wits. I ended up being okay. The next day I contact this client, and I said, "You know, I never asked you something." I said, "I had this experience last night." I said, "May I ask you, how did your best friend unalive themself?"

Laurie: Yeah.

Kimo: They said, "Well, he put a bag over his head, and he strangled himself." And I found that to be really fascinating, that because this energy was trying to, in that moment, to transmute and kind of go through the fear aspect, because it was a wild scene. Lots of people were talking about this on lots of different news outlets. And I thought so interesting, because the more energy he put towards it, the vigor it becomes.

Laurie: And he wanted to go back to that light spirit, the way you were first seeing him.

Kimo: And listen, when I transmitted it back, it was fine.

Laurie: Yeah.

Kimo: I was fine. No haunting in my house. I wasn't afraid. This is what ends up happening to so many other individuals who are experiencing physical pain, or physical trauma through spirit energy hauntings, and it is just misinterpretation. I am not validating that that has happened to people, because it's happened to me many times.

Laurie: Yeah. Right.

Kimo: But because I slipped. You know? I wasn't staying clear.

Laurie: Holy moly. Kimo.

Kimo: I scared you?

Laurie: Yes. I was having chills, for sure. Oh my God.

I heard that you said, and I wrote this down, everywhere has spirit energy in it. So technically, everything has a haunting in it.

Kimo: Yeah.

Laurie: What? There are hauntings in everything, in everywhere?

Kimo: I don't usually utilize the word haunting, even like you say it. But I don't say it too often, because we have a connotation towards what that means.

Laurie: Right. Yes.

Kimo: You want another one?

Laurie: Yeah, I want another story, and then I also want to ask you about portals after.

Kimo: Wow. We can do whatever you want.

Laurie: Well let's go portals, because this was something else I saw show up in some of your videos, and I've heard about this. Portals in people's homes? Okay, what exactly is a portal? Where is it going to, and do you see it?

Kimo: Yeah.

Laurie: Is it like a big circle that's like throbbing? What is it? Okay.

Kimo: When it comes to portals, when I was first kind of introduced to that idea, I thought, "That just sounds too crazy for me." Right? I didn't realize that I get to choose how I understand that information for myself. I'll explain what happens.

When spirit energy or echo consciousness, or an imprint is moving around, it moves around different energetic systems. So for example, if you and I are having a conversation, and if we wanted a conversation with your grandfather, there's many ways that grandpa would come in. There's a connection of the synapse in your brain that connect to the thought of grandpa. Well all of that is the beginning of the connection. And then when they come through, I think that a lot of the terminology is like the door opens.

Laurie: Wow.

Kimo: Or a veil lifts, or a portal opens and expands, and they come through. So essentially, portal is just another word to describe a doorway, for energy or spirit energy to move through.

So technically, tuning into spirit energy is tuning in through a portal. However, portals are opened all the time, because of our behaviors and our emotions. So for example, if I'm in a home, and someone walks in the door, and they're really, really angry, I can see an energy riding their back. And they'll come in and they'll throw their bag down, and they're really, really upset, and they'll walk upstairs, and this happens all the time. When that happens, that person leaves a little bit of that portal in the home. And in fact, you have felt this.

Someone will walk out of their room, and you'll say, "Ugh, that person has a bad attitude." 'Cause you kind of still feel it in the room.

Laurie: Yeah. Yes.

Kimo: Feel that residually. Well that's a portal, and we think of it as just something that we're just aware of as a human. Well, there it's a reason why you are aware of it. So for me, I'm always trying to close those little portals up, because they open all the time.

Laurie: Yeah.

Kimo: And they're really easy to close. We think of them as, well, portal means all these crazy things that are coming in dimensionally and more. And it's not really like that.

Laurie: Oh, what does it look like?

Kimo: What does it look like? It's not an exact circle. It is an amorphous shape. A lot of times I think that a misjudgment of what a portal is would be an entity, or be an attachment, because it does kind of look like that. So for a person who has the gift of sight, who hasn't learned how to access their gift of sight, many of the times they're just misjudging a portal to be an entity.

Laurie: Oh my gosh. Okay. And so portals are not like in the movie Poltergeist, when she opened up the closet door and it was like this crazy fiery-

Kimo: No.

Laurie: No.

Kimo: Wouldn't that be exciting? No.

Laurie: No.

Kimo: That would be exciting.

Laurie: That movie was scary.

Kimo: I think that a lot of people are misinterpreting portal for a vortex, and that's a completely wild, blow your cranium kind of thought process, because those are different energies, and vortexes are a little scary.

Laurie: Now, could there be a vortex in someone's home? Could there be a vortex in a closet?

Kimo: Yes, but not in the closet, because the vortexes are nature. Right? So the difference between portal and vortex is portals are mostly about our emotions, and vortex is our nature. And vortexes, it's like a doorway that is a revolving doorway. So things are coming and going, and coming and going.

Most of the times vortexes are under the home, in the ground, like a corner of the home home. So for example-

Laurie: Oh my God.

Kimo: If someone's telling me, "My home is a hotbed of stuff," if I tune into the home, I'll usually be able to find if there is a vortex nearby. Sometimes it'll be in the backyard. Sometimes it's literally on the corner of the house, and everything from where that vortex is under the corner, everything going up from first floor to second floor is where all the activity will be.

Laurie: Like what kind of activity is it? Like plumbings breaking? Is it that kind of activity?

Kimo: Poltergeists.

Laurie: Oh.

Kimo: Lots of spirit activity. So when someone says we have a hot bed of activity, I'll quickly, without even being in their home or seeing a video or a picture, I'll quickly tune out and scan energetically if I see vortexes. And if I see one, I'll say, "Okay, so we have a vortex. It's in this corner of this room. I'm going to make the assumption that everything is happening in this room and the room above it, and the basement below." And they will always validate that with, "Absolutely." Because vortexes do that. Now sometimes vortexes are small. Sometimes they're really big.

Laurie: Oh my God. Is there any home that just doesn't have vortexes or portals, or ghosts or energy, or is it just we have it because we are people living in it, and we have our spirit guys?

Kimo: Portals happen because you are living.

Laurie: Yeah.

Kimo: Portals happen because you have experience, because you have emotion, because you have thought, and that's how they happen. And sometimes, for example, in 2014, I went down in into the caverns of this old theater in New York City that hadn't been opened in over 60 years.

Laurie: Oh.

Kimo: It was underneath the ground, hadn't been opened. And when I went in there, it was a hotbed of old portals from the people that were in there 60 years ago, because they closed it up, there was no windows. They sealed it up and never touched it again. So when I went in a few years later to kind of go check it out, hotbed of information. Things are moving and shifting in front of me, all the time.

Laurie: Oh my God. Oh my God.

Kimo: I love it.

Laurie: I'm glad you love it. I think that I'm obviously not skilled in it, or I'm not educated in it. So for me, just seeing a broom out of the corner of my eye scared me.

Let me ask you this: So how can we create protective boundaries? Or can we create protective boundaries around our homes and spaces?

Kimo: Absolutely. So the remedy is going to be different for everyone, but my general rule is this. The more clear you are, the easier it is for you to be okay.

So you find out what your version of clarity is. If your version of clarity is reading a book, or reading the Bible, or saying a prayer, or meditating, or singing a song, saging, [foreign language 00:26:25], talking to a best friend, putting your hands in the dirt and gardening, whatever your version of clarity is. But the more clear you are, the harder it is for energy to come in and kind of try to scare you, or influence you. And listen, I am a high seer, but I slipped.

Laurie: Yeah.

Kimo: You know? I am not perfect, and I just had to remind myself, "I have the [inaudible 00:26:46]." Otherwise, if I hadn't reminded myself I have more authority and autonomy than this seemingly scary energy, then my home would've been considered a haunting. It is not.

Laurie: Right.

Kimo: My home is not haunted. Not at all.

Laurie: It's all so fascinating. I mean, it's fascinating what you're doing with these videos, and you're just, your instant, as you call it, blind reaction. I just love it. I mean, because it's entertaining, and well especially the ones that you're like, "This one's true." Then I say to myself, "Oh my God."

Kimo: You know, I can leave you with a good ghost story.

Laurie: Okay. Let's do that. Yes.

Kimo: So just last month, I had a client, and right before they log on, they're able to fill out an intake form. And I have a few questions on the intake form that just seem like silly questions. And all these little silly questions are kind of like codes for me. But one of the questions was, "What was your favorite color when you were a child?" One of the questions was, "What was your favorite smell as a child?" And more.

So these are some of the questions, seemingly random questions. Well, I look at this person's intake form, and they only answered three questions. The question they answered was, "My favorite color as a child was purple. My favorite smell as a child was swamp cooler." I don't know what that is. Right? "And the person that I miss is my grandmother." So I'm looking at that information and I'm saying, "Okay, so maybe we should focus on some of that."

So I'm ready and prepared. 10:00 AM is when their session was supposed to start. They don't show up. Now on the intake form is their phone number. So I text them. You know, "You have an appointment with me." So then I call them up. "Hi, did you know that you have an appointment with me?" And a woman answers the phone and she says, "I did not make an appointment with you." And I said, "Well I have your information." I said, "It's even been charged to your account." And she says, "I'm telling you, I did not make an appointment."

And I said, "Well, I don't know if maybe you got confused. I don't know if you know who I am." She goes, "Oh no, no, no, I know who you are, Kimo."

Laurie: Oh.

Kimo: "Because I've been watching you." And I said, "Well maybe you got drunk and didn't realize it, and you made an appointment?" She goes, "No." She goes, "That has not happened." She goes, "I have three kids at home. I don't have time to drink."

Laurie: Okay.

Kimo: She goes, "And to be honest, this is kind of a hard time for you to be calling, because I'm having a really hard day." And I said, "Well let me just leave you with this. It says on this intake form that you're missing grandma." And she immediately gets quiet, and she says, "I just lost grandma."

Laurie: Oh my God.

Kimo: I said, "If you'd like to, we can press in a little further." And she goes, "Okay." She goes, "I'm not ready. I've got my kids." And I said, "Don't you worry. I'm great with kids. Bring the kids in. We'll have the kids be a part of this."

So the kids came in and I said, "It says here that your favorite color when you were young was purple." And this woman says, "I don't know how that was written there." She goes, "No one knows that." And I said, "Well why does it say that?" She goes, "I told my grandmother when I was six years old, I was going to wear a purple dress to her funeral."

Laurie: Oh my God.

Kimo: As I'm talking to this woman, I say, "Oh, I need to tune into grandma." So I tune into grandma, and I'm watching grandma in the room, so happy. She's like, "Oh my gosh, it worked." Because I don't know how it happened, Laurie, but grandma booked the session.

Laurie: Kimo, this is wild. I love this.

Kimo: It is wild.

Laurie: Yeah.

Kimo: And another thing that she answered was, "Your favorite smell is swamp cooler?" I said, "What is that? I don't know what that means." And this woman just starts laughing and crying at the same time. She goes, "That was an inside joke between my grandmother and I." She goes, "I always told her that she always smelled like a swamp cooler." And then I had to look up what a swamp cooler was, and I still don't completely know what it is.

Laurie: Yeah.

Kimo: But in that moment, it was like I never thought that spirit could... I know that spirit moves electromagnetically, but I never thought that I had the ability to actually use your credit card.

Laurie: This is wild.

Kimo: It is. Isn't that wild? But then I worked with the kids, and the kids, their energy started to shift, and the mother started to shift because she was struggling with the loss of her grandma. They were very, very close. And then I did an interpretation of what grandma was wanting to say to her, some advice and more. So grandma was, truly, her advice was she's been so grief stricken she hasn't been able to listen. And in that moment, she was forced to listen. But it came in through those little secret questions. Isn't that wild?

Laurie: This is beautiful, wild. This is the kind of ghost story that I like. That's so good. Kimo, thank you so much. I knew that you'd be so fun to talk to about this.

Kimo: You're welcome.

Laurie: This episode is dropping on Halloween. Halloween. Spooky time. But you know what I love about you Kimo, and when I watch your videos too, I just feel so delighted because you are light. I know you are a light seer, and the light just comes from you.

Kimo: You're so kind.

Laurie: And I just get this really wonderful, warm feeling when I watch you, and sometimes I just giggle. You know what I mean? I just laugh, just because there's something like, maybe it's when you're laughing too. You're just giving off light, and so it's so beautiful.

Kimo: Oh, Laurie.

Laurie: Everyone should go to @AlohaLightSeer, and just keep watching whatever you're putting out there. A ghost story or not a ghost story, just talking about energy. It's fantastic.

Kimo: There's a website there if you want to see more, and lots of people will just message me, and if I have the time I'll message back. So, please.

Laurie: It's so wonderful. Yeah. Hey, one question for you. I asked you this at the end of our other chat together, what being home means to you. And has this changed at all for you? Because for you, it was kind of emotion-

Kimo: Big.

Laurie: Yes. Yeah. And you know, you move around a lot. There was finding home in different places, also finding home wherever you go, connected to flowers and nature. Is that still what being home means to you?

Kimo: It is. Just recently, just literally within the last few weeks, I had gone back to Hawaii, and I was going to an island that is not my home island. My home island is on Oahu, but we went to Maui, and we went to an area of property that my family has taken. My family has a family plot of property that is thousands of years old, and no one has built on it, ever. And it's actually quite unheard of in Hawaii, that it's unbuilt land, right on the edge of a cliff, right on the water.

And I had never gone there before. So my father takes me there, and you know, you have to go down this windy road on the edge of a cliff, and we walk onto the property that is gated off. And on this plot of property is an old Hawaiian village, from the ancients.

And it's just the outline of the village with the old temples and the old kitchens, and more. And my father was like, "I'm just really curious to see what's going to happen to you, when you walk on this land." And I went there with my sisters, who are also very intuitive. And it was one of the most profound experiences because I found home in a rock, truly. Because all of the walls are made out of old stone, and that's the only remnant there. And when I went there, the amount of spirit energy that was coming in just to communicate and be present, spirits that have never been seen in thousands of years, because there is no one on this property. No one has allowed around this property.

Laurie: Oh my gosh. Okay.

Kimo: So I found a new home on the edge of a cliff, overlooking the ocean on the island of Maui.

Laurie: Oh.

Kimo: It was beautiful.

Laurie: That's so beautiful.

Kimo: And literally in the middle of a stone, in a little piece of what we call [foreign language 00:34:11], which is a little rock.

Laurie: I think you just wrote a song, actually. You put those lyrics together. I think you wrote a song.

Kimo: Yes. Yes, Laurie.

Laurie: Well, thank you so much Kimo. I adore you, and love talking with you.

Kimo: Anytime. And listen, we're going from spooky Halloween to tomorrow will be Thanksgiving, the very first. So I'm going to give you a preemptive. I'm very thankful to be here with you, and spend some time.

Laurie: Yeah, I feel the same way. I'm thankful for you too, Kimo.

To learn more about Kimo, find him on Instagram @AlohaLightSeer or on TikTok @theLightSeer. And to learn more about his services and how you can work with him, go to

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