Lori Gottlieb: Consider the Home We Create Within Ourselves First

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"So I think that, first and foremost, the home that we create for ​ourselves​, is so important," says Lori Gottlieb. "You know, always ask yourself, 'Am I being kind to myself? It is kind, is it true, is it useful?' And if not, create a different environment in that home."


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On the Being Home With Hunker podcast we feature Lori Gottlieb, a psychotherapist, speaker, and ​New York Times​ bestselling author of ​Maybe You Should Talk to Someone​. She is also the co-host of the "Dear Therapists" podcast and writes The Atlantic's weekly advice column, "Dear Therapist." So, suffice to say, Lori knows about human nature.

In this conversation, Lori talks about the difference between satisficers and maximizers, and how we make choices about what to put in our homes based on what we value. She also shares about how (due to the pandemic) she has been able to see inside people's homes in a way she never would have in the past since many of her therapy sessions moved online to Zoom — and how she could see aspects of people's personalities and what's important to them based on their aesthetic choices.


In this episode we also talk about:

  • Her son Zach and how he has created his own platform to talk about mental health for teens, called Talk With Zach.
  • How in her family, they talk a lot about feelings – and that they have a safe space to express those feelings.
  • How people have realized how important their home spaces are (in relation to the pandemic) – and many also rediscovered the joys of being home.
  • How the ​way​ we find things for our homes affects ​how​ we feel about them.
  • The difference between the aesthetic of her childhood home to the house she has created for herself and her son.
  • Her many projects, including her Dear Therapists podcast, her Dear Therapist column in ​The Atlantic​, her clinical practice, and her book writing.
  • Some ways that people can best take care of our first home: ourselves.
  • What lights her up when she's home, and how much she loves coming home after being away.


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