Bedroom Feng Shui, DIY Tips, and Home Styling Advice: July 2022 Podcast Recap

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Being Home With Hunker is a podcast where each week we chat with designers, artists, and creatives in the spaces that express and shape their identities: their homes.

On the Being Home With Hunker podcast in July, we spoke with Kate MacKinnon on bedroom Feng Shui tips; Trisha Sprouse on DIY tools and tips for creating our own home decor; Robin Zachary on how to use prop styling tips to create beautiful moments and vignettes in our home spaces; and we even added into this episode our chat with plant enthusiast Stephanie Horton, AKA Botanical Black Girl, on the best plants to add to our kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom. She was on the cusp of July/August, but it was so good, we wanted to include here since her conversation ties in with creating meaningful spaces for ourselves.


For a quick fix, click on our recap episode below. It features short clips from each conversation, basically a taste of who we had on the show and the topics we talked about.


Listen to the Show: July 2022 Recap

For the full episodes, click on these links below.

First up, we talked with Feng Shui expert Kate MacKinnon. Kate talks about even though we often think about feng shui in terms of how things are arranged in our homes, it goes deeper than that.

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Then, we talked with Trisha Sprouse, a three-time Webby award-winning content creator who specializes in DIY and lifestyle content. As a self-taught DIYer, Trisha believes that everyone can create and shares this advice for anyone who wants to try their hand at home decor DIYs.


Read More: Trisha Sprouse – Helpful Advice for Your Home DIY Projects

Next, we got into the topic of home styling tips with prop stylist Robin Zachary. Robin, who comes from the world of magazines, encourages us to see our homes as ever-changing — and she says that there are certain styling techniques and design principles from the photo world that can help us curate our spaces.


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And finally, I sat down with plant enthusiast Stephanie Horton, AKA Botanical Black Girl. Stephanie, who also serves as a plant consultant, makes caring for greenery feel so effortless. Here she gives us a little lesson on propagation and why she loves it.


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There you have it. That's just a taste of the conversations we had here on the Being Home with Hunker podcast in July. For more episodes we think you might like, check out our conversation with Etsy's trend expert Dayna Isom Johnson, or Plant Kween Christopher Griffin, or HGTV star Leanne Ford.



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