The Brownstone Boys: Home Is an Expression of Your True Self

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Being Home With Hunker is a podcast where each week we chat with designers, artists, and creatives in the spaces that express and shape their identities: their homes.

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"With everything that we do and put out there that there's obviously is the two of us that are characters in it, but Brooklyn is really the third character. Like, Brooklyn is always there and always part of, you know, what we do and who we are. And we really, you know, love that and want that to always be the case so we make sure to highlight it as much as possible." — Barry Bordelon


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On the Being Home With Hunker podcast we have the Brownstone Boys.

Jordan Slocum and Barry Bordelon, otherwise known as the Brownstone Boys are interior designers, DIY-ers, and renovation project managers of historic brownstones in Brooklyn, New York.


They share in this episode that after they purchased their first home together — which, yes, was a brownstone — they started a blog and Instagram account about their renovation process. What started as something to share with family and friends quickly turned into them helping other people renovate their brownstones. So, what did they do? They quit their corporate jobs and became the Brownstone Boys.


Jordan and Barry talk about their passion for preserving original details when renovating brownstones. They say that craftsmanship is very important to them and that their biggest goal is restoring the way brownstones used to be made.

They also discuss the definition of a brownstone, they share tips for anyone about to embark on a renovation, no matter the style of their space, and they suggest the two biggest things everyone should talk to their contractors about at the start of any project.


Finally, you'll hear them share how history has unfolded — meaning, the things they've discovered — when they've opened walls during some of their renovation projects.

In This Episode We Also Talk About

  • Brooklyn (the third "member" of the Brownstone Boys) — which is the most populated city with brownstones.
  • How they went from a second date riding around Brooklyn looking at brownstones to becoming the Brownstone Boys.
  • What thrills them about brownstones.
  • How generosity is a big part of the brownstone community.
  • How they work with craftsman/craftswomen (their "renovation family") who have the same desire to help save these homes.
  • How many people have walked through the doors of these homes and the relics left behind.
  • The strengths they feel that the other person brings to their working relationship.
  • Advice for couples who work — or want to work — together.


Learn More About the Brownstone Boys, Jordan and Barry

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Being Home With Hunkeris a new podcast where we explore the idea of "home" – not just as a place where you live, but as an expression of your identity. Each week we talk with designers, creatives, and artists about who they are, how they create meaningful spaces, and what "being home" means to them.


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