Gladys Tay: Create a Happy Home Through Uncommon Design

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Being Home With Hunker is a podcast where each week we chat with designers, artists, and creatives in the spaces that express and shape their identities: their homes.

"Design is really within you; it's about being yourself and understanding who you really are," says designer and vintage arts dealer Gladys Tay. "The more you do it, the better you get. And be okay with making mistakes. Because when you do it, you're experiencing it. It's really part of the creative processes."


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Gladys loves to look for things that are uncommon and bring life ​and​ character into a home.

It took her awhile to admit she has an eye for design because she didn't study it in school, however design has always been a natural and intuitive part of her. She was encouraged by her dad to explore her creativity, and he taught her that it's okay to be different, to break the rules, and not to conform to the norm.


These days Gladys is the one to encourage people to take risks and to keep an open mind — that when it comes to design it's okay to make mistakes. The more you experiment with your own style, the better you get.

Her personality is as bright and colorful as her style — and her design philosophy is one I think that many of us can get on board with: do whatever you want, play, and don't worry about the trends.


In this podcast episode we also talk about:

  • How her dad would travel and bring home interesting finds from around the world — like bubblegum, which was forbidden in Singapore where she grew up.
  • Her experiences vacationing in the U.S. before she moved to America.
  • Tips on where people can find vintage art and decor.
  • How she works with clients as a vintage arts dealer.
  • Her love for playing with scale and anything oversize. She's dramatic and loves large scale art.
  • Her go-tos to change up a room.
  • Why she loves going to an estate sale — and her tips on what to expect or keep any eye out for when going to an estate sale.
  • How she and her husband, Frank, clean their home every Sunday— to start a fresh week with a new slate.
  • How she and her husband work with feng shui in their home — including how they work with the "Fallen Star" in their home.
  • How she enjoys using social media — and that she's comfortable in this space to express her design philosophy.
  • The only things she absolutely will buy new and never used!


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Being Home With Hunkeris a new podcast where we explore the idea of "home"​— ​not just as a place where you live, but as an expression of your identity. Each week we talk with designers, creatives, and artists about who they are, how they create meaningful spaces, and what "being home" means to them.

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