Costco Tips, Aromatherapy, & Design Games: September 2022 Hunker Podcast Recap

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Being Home With Hunker is a podcast where each week we chat with designers, artists, and creatives in the spaces that express and shape their identities: their homes.

On the Being Home With Hunker podcast in September, aromatherapist Amy Galper shared advice on how to use essential oils and aromatherapy in our homes; Jill Wilson, founder of Robin Games, discussed her new interior design mobile game called PLAYHOUSE; Anna Gragert, the senior lifestyle editor at Hunker divulged very interesting tips and secrets about Costco; and we published an episode celebrating the fact that the Being Home With Hunker podcast turned one.


Video of the Day

For a quick fix, click on our recap episode below. It features short clips from each conversation, basically a taste of who we had on the show and the topics we talked about.

Listen to the Show: September Recap 2022

To listen to the full episodes, click below.


First up, we talked with aromatherapist Amy Galper. Amy offered beneficial ways we can use aromatherapy and essential oils in our home.

Read More: Aromatherapist Amy Galper: How Essential Oils Benefit Our Homes


After, we heard from Jill Wilson, CEO of Robin Games and founder of a new mobile design game called PLAYHOUSE. Jill talks about how she and her company are changing up the definition of a gamer.

Read More: Jill Wilson: Making a Game Out of Home Design


Then, Hunker's Senior Lifestyle Editor Anna Gragert shared very interesting tips about everyone's favorite warehouse store — Costco and Costco's secret sauce to getting people to buy their products.

Read More: Anna Gragert: Why Costco Is Your Home's Best Friend


And finally, did you know that this podcast officially turned one? We're proud of this little baby! In September we aired an episode with clips from every guest we've had on the show this past year. I highly recommend you listen to that full episode. There are such wonderful thoughts, advice, and stories about home, design, and helpful ways to make our spaces reflect our identities. Serena Dugan, textile designer and founder of Serena & Lily, kicked off the episode about the power and beauty of handmade objects.


Listen: Being Home With Hunker Turns One! (Quick Clips From a Year in Review)

And there you have — a taste of the episodes we had here on the Being Home Hunker Podcast in September. Visit our show notes for direct links to these full episodes, and for information on other episodes we think you might like such as my conversation with Botanical Black Girl Stephanie Horton, Leeway Home co-founders Sam Dumas and Lyle Maltz, and


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