Kristina Hollinger: Attract Abundance at Home Through Feng Shui

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Being Home With Hunker is a podcast where each week we chat with designers, artists, and creatives in the spaces that express and shape their identities: their homes.

"In feng shui there are actually a lot of traditions associated with the new year, setting intentions, welcoming wealth and abundance," says Kristina Hollinger. "It's mostly an auspicious time to clean and declutter, that's a form of space clearing. But the big key here is not to do it on New Year's Day because it's believed to be that's when all the good luck is going to come to your doorstep."


On the Being Home With Hunker podcast we feature Kristina Hollinger, a feng shui expert and author. If you're curious about feng shui and how to use it, you'll love this episode. Feng shui is an ancient Chinese art and philosophy that helps people generate balance and energy in their homes through certain design principles. So, if you're interested in amplifying your career, abundance, love, helpful people, and more, feng shui is something to try. And Kristina is serving up some easy and actionable tips.


In this episode we talk about:

  • What is feng shui.
  • The bagua map: what is it and how to use it.
  • The top three spaces to start in your home when beginning feng shui.
  • Three tips to feng shui our bathrooms (water represents money in feng shui and we want to keep that our money from "going down the drain!"
  • The foundational piece of feng shui: letting go what no longer serves you and replacing it with new fresh intentions.
  • Tips on how to feng shui our wealth and abundance areas on our homes.
  • How to use the Red Arrow Cure to attract abundance (it involves quarters and your doormat).
  • Why we shouldn't clean or declutter on the Lunar New Year.
  • She explains how 2022 is the Year of the Tiger and is also a water element year – and what that means for all of us.
  • A secret tip for how to "write" intentions in your home.
  • How feng shui has helped Kristina in her life.


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