Shavonda Gardner: Home Is Where We Learn About Ourselves

Being Home With Hunker Podcast: Featuring Shavonda Gardner, Interior Designer

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Being Home With Hunker is a podcast where each week we chat with designers, artists, and creatives in the spaces that express and shape their identities: their homes.

"I feel like when you see images of one particular design style or one particular theme that's in or that's popular, you feel like that what's you have to do," says Shavonda Gardner. "When that's not the case for everyone, and that's not what makes someone feel safe, that makes someone feel alive, and feel welcome and warm. We've got to start telling different stories. And our home is the most important place because that is where you start to learn about yourself and that is where you can take all of that out into the world. And so, our home should be top priority of creating space."


Shavonda Gardner is an interior designer and founder of SG Gardner, a design and lifestyle blog.

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She was on the path to have a long career in the military until she made the pivot into the world of interior design. One driving factor in her decision to start a design blog was the fact that she didn't see herself represented in that world. She has a strong affinity for color, for going bold, and for making the most of your space, no matter the size. (Although, she has a ​big​ love for small spaces.)

In this episode we talk about:

  • How she pivoted from being in the military into becoming an interior designer.
  • Why she started her own design blog.
  • The importance of representation in the design world, and why she's an advocate.
  • Why we've got to start telling different stories about our home — it's not just one particular design style or theme that we should all be following.
  • The story that her home, The Cottage Bungalow, tells about her and her family.
  • Her love for color, paint, and going bold with home decor.
  • Helping people define a different relationship with space.
  • What inspires her and where she finds inspo (think: glossy shelter magazines).
  • What she's most proud of in her home.
  • The person in her family who inspired the design of her kitchen.
  • How she and her family lived through their kitchen renovation … while living at home.
  • Her non-negotiables in her space (and how they don't quite coincide with her wife's non-negotiables).
  • What she believes that living in a small space fosters within a family.


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