Kristina Hollinger: Feng Shui Tips for Families to Create Harmony at Home

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On the Being Home With Hunker podcast, feng shui expert Kristina Hollinger makes a repeat appearance.


Kristina is a feng shui consultant and author — and she's the host of the podcast Feng Shui With Kristina Hollinger where's she's focused on helping people expand their manifesting toolbox. Kristina says that she's dedicated to helping you design the life you deserve.

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I wanted to have Kristina back on the show to talk specifically about feng shui for families — and how we can use feng shui to help foster harmony within the home.

Kristina talks about how there are areas of our home that signify areas of our lives. So, what's happening in your home is also happening with you, in your life. We talk specifically about the Family area — how to identify it (where it's located in your home) and how to bolster this area through specific feng shui cures. In other words, if you want to strengthen and support family relationships, there are some simple yet effective things you can do in the form of decor and design. And Kristina shares these ideas with us.


I was also curious about how to use feng shui in other areas of our homes that we don't have total control over, such as our kids' rooms. For instance, in my home my teens' bedrooms are in our wealth and fame area — and Kristina has some great advice around what to do when maybe we can't completely control the decor — or to be frank, the clutter — in these important areas.

You will also love hearing how, and why, Kristina and her family write their intentions on their walls; ways that we can clear and uplift the energy in our spaces; and what to focus on if you were to do just one thing to create greater harmony in your home.


Click here to listen to our conversation on Being Home With Hunker.

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