Botanical Black Girl: Know Your Plant’s Origin Before You Bring It Home

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Image Credit: Stephanie Horton, Botanical Black Girl

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"People can sometimes feel as is caring or maintaining plants is some huge skill that is innate, and it's like, no, it's developed," says Stephanie Horton. "It's all about troubleshooting 'cause it's honestly just science and paying attention to nature and how it's responding to the environment."


On the Being Home With Hunker podcast we have plant consultant and enthusiast Stephanie Horton, otherwise known at Botanical Black Girl.

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Stephanie likes indoor plants because, as she says, "they're chill." She makes owning houseplants seem so effortless!

In this conversation, Stephanie talks about how she is moving away from being a plant collector, and instead calls herself a plant enthusiast. Although many people refer to her as a plant consultant — she helps others discover how they can get their plants to thrive and stay alive.


Here she shares how it's important to know where your indoor plants originate from before you bring them into your home; how to deal with negative self-talk around your ability to care for plants; and the best plants to have in the kitchen, the bathroom, and the bedroom.

We also talk about which plants are on her bucket list; greenery that work best in modern decor, or which ones to add when you want a lush feeling in your home; and she shares ideas on propagation — it's something she loves doing with her plants.


If you're feeling timid about indoor plant care or how to get started, Stephanie's helpful advice that will make it feel more manageable to you.

In This Episode We Also Talk About

  • Why sticking to one genius of plants — and adding plants under that one umbrella — can be helpful in our plant care (and keeping things feeling manageable).

  • Her deep love of Philodendrons.

  • Why she likes using grow lights as supplemental light for her plants and how she uses them.

  • How she uses plants as part of her interior design and decor for herself and when working with clients — and her process of working with clients in how they want their space to feel like.

  • The plants that are on her bucket list.

  • The one plant at home that she admits is her favorite.

  • What "being home" means to her.



Learn More About Stephanie Horton, Botanical Black Girl

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