Everything You Need to Know About Caring for Your Plants

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Welcome to Plant Week: Our guide to all things indoor plants, including tips for beginners, advice on care, and tons of plant-spo.

Today, we're all about plant parenthood and care, including helpful hacks, weird tips, and useful products that help plants thrive. Feel like your fiddle leaf fig is looking a little lackluster? Trying to bring your dying orchid back to life? Just looking for a few tricks of the trade straight from the pros? We got you.

Here, we rounded up all of our tried-and-true plant care hacks.

This $15 Amazon Find Is a Plant Lifesaver

We get it: Caring for plants is hard. That's why we feel it's our duty to share any and all hacks, secrets, and products we uncover in our research. Which brings us to the holy grail of secret weapons — a plant food that's only $15. Find out more below.

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9 Unusual Houseplant Hacks That Actually Work

If you consider yourself somewhat of a brown thumb (no worries, we know some unkillable plants), it pays to take the time to learn a few plant care basics, like whether the plants you have chosen prefer sun or shade, or how much and how often to water. Once you've got down the basics, try adding in one (or more) or these nine genius plant hacks to help keep your greenery looking lush and lovely.

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Succulents: How to Care for Them Properly

You may love succulents primarily due to their low-maintenance care needs, but are you actually doing what's best for them? Here, we break down exactly what you need to do to keep your succulents alive and well.

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It's True — These Plants Love Coffee

Image Credit: Jeran McConnel

Would we lie to you? Strange though it may sound, a number of plants wouldn't just love to share your java on occasion — they can actually thrive when they have it, (just like us, it seems). We also have another weird-but-fun hack: These houseplants actually love milk.

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Clean Your Plants With This Unusual Condiment (It REALLY Works)

Plant care is more than just water once a week and fertilizer come spring — in order to survive, let alone thrive, plants need to be clean. Their leaves in particular are magnets for dust and dirt, and if left untended, all that grime will start to make plants sick. Luckily, cleaning your plants doesn't have to be a huge chore. After you complete basic maintenance, there's a secret ingredient to use in your plant cleaning routine — and it's probably already in your fridge.

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