Hilton Carter: Home Is Being Connected to Those You Love

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Being Home With Hunker is a podcast where each week we chat with designers, artists, and creatives in the spaces that express and shape their identities: their homes.

''I can honestly say none of the things I've had come my way over the past six years would have been possible unless I found that connection with plants and felt those therapeutic moments of being able to let go of all the things that had me wound very tightly and kept me high strung and kept me stressed," says Hilton Carter.


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Hilton is an interior stylist, a plant stylist, and now an interior designer with the renovation of his new home.

You may know him from his three design books on plants (​Wild at Home​, ​Wild Interiors​, and ​Wild Creations​. Or perhaps you've taken one of his plant workshops with Magnolia, or purchased one of his products when he had a line at Target. Yes, he's busy, but who's going to stop him? Not us, because we simply love how he styles with greenery.


On the Being Home With Hunker podcast, Hilton shares how he started on his career path with plants. (Hint: It wasn't what he had planned.) He also shares the choices that he and his wife made in the renovation of their home, where every detail has purpose. He talks about the many loves he has in his life, including his wife, his new baby daughter, his hometown of Baltimore, and of course, plants. There's so much gratitude in this conversation.


In this episode we also talk about:

  • Why it's important to understand the needs of a plant ​before​ we bring it into our homes.
  • How many plants he now has after moving into his new home.
  • His role as a new father — and how the care he's put into taking care of plants has made him prepared for this moment in his life.
  • How he embraces gratitude, and tries to share positivity with his audience.
  • What he loves about Baltimore, the place where he grew up and returned to as an adult.
  • Where he finds his design inspo, such as traveling and visiting museums.
  • "Sexican"— the design style he came up with to describe the look of his home interior.
  • The "wild creation" he created in his home, which includes a tree in his floor!
  • How his home expresses his identity through the small details, the choice or artwork, the plants, the colors.
  • What lights him up when he's home.
  • And, of course, what "being home" means to him.


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Being Home With Hunkeris a new podcast where we explore the idea of "home"​ — ​not just as a place where you live, but as an expression of your identity. Each week we talk with designers, creatives, and artists about who they are, how they create meaningful spaces, and what "being home" means to them.

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