Trinity Mouzon Wofford: Building a Business From Home

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Image Credit: Trinity Mouzon Wofford
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Being Home With Hunker is a podcast where each week we chat with designers, artists, and creatives in the spaces that express and shape their identities: their homes.

"I grew up in a pretty wellness-y household," says Trinity Mouzon Wofford. "My grandmother only at organic, and she was very ahead of her time. You know, I grew up on almond butter and sardines, and that world was very familiar to me."


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On the Being Home With Hunker podcast we feature Trinity Mouzon Wofford, co-founder and CEO of Golde, a superfoods wellness company that features products such as latte blends, face masks, and smoothie boosters.

As she says, she grew up on almond butter and sardines, so it was no surprise when Trinity found herself interested in exploring the intersection of wellness with natural beauty — which led to the creation of Golde with her partner Issey Kobori.


They launched with just one product — the Original Turmeric Latte Blend — out of their one-bedroom apartment in Brooklyn. And as their company has grown, so has their space — they have since moved to a new home in upstate New York.

We talk about the 1865 house Trinity and Issey bought in Hudson Valley; their process in decorating their home; and how gardening is a point of inspiration for her, teaching her about tenacity and perseverance, which she then applies to other areas of her life.


Trinity's Current Faves

In this episode we also talk about:

  • The challenges of getting a mortgage as an entrepreneur.
  • The (very cute) story of how she met Issey, her fiancé and co-founder of Golde.
  • Her early interest in health and wellness after watching her mother work with a functional medicine doctor to help with her autoimmune disease.
  • How the path of marketing and consulting after college was training ground for creating Golde.
  • The reason why they started with just one product – and how having limitations was beneficial for them in starting the company.
  • The spark that led to Trinity wanting to produce skin products for Golde, such as their Clean Greens mask.
  • What lights her up with her work.
  • Their process in decorating their home.
  • And we talk plants! Including her method for finding the right plants for her home.


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