Medina Grillo: Decorating and DIYing a Rental Home

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"Don't feel like because you're renting you don't deserve a nice home," says Medina Grillo. "And don't feel like because it's not your house, you can't invest anything in it. It needs to feel comfortable for you and you need to really weigh out the pros and cons of the things you're doing."


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On the Being Home With Hunker podcast, we have Medina Grillo, an interiors and DIY blogger behind Grillo Designs, and author of "Home Sweet Rented Home." As Medina describes herself, she is an "IKEA-loving-upcycling-junkie-DIY-passionate-home-decor-crazy momma and wife."

Medina, who lives in England, is an advocate for renters who want to beautify their rental spaces. (She also started a video series on Instagram called "How I Rent.") She believes that renters are "the underdogs in interior design," and that people should be able to put a stamp on their rented home.


As a long-time renter herself, she says that by creating a home that reflects who you, it really does help your mental health in a positive way. Plus, who doesn't want to live in a lovely space?

In this conversation, Medina talks about her favorite upgrades and DIY projects that she's done to her own rented home; how she deals with negative comments from people who think she's wasting money when she does these design upgrades; and how people can work within their budget and with their landlord to make changes to their rented space.


In this episode we also talk about:

  • How she got into interior design blogging because renters weren't represented.
  • Why she believes renters should invest in their space.
  • How big renting is in places like Germany, however in the U.K or the U.S. there's the perception that successful people own their home.
  • Her childhood homes (always rented) and how her mom introduced her to the idea of making your home feel special and look pretty.
  • Her book, "Home Sweet Rented Home" that shows renters that even if you have the strictest landlord, there are still things you can do to your home using some simple tricks.
  • Her favorite rental upgrades and DIY projects that she's done to her space.
  • Her sources of inspiration, which includes restaurants and television shows.
  • How many interior designers now are trying to promote a more intentional way of decorating, staying away from "fast interiors."
  • She shares about her large family growing up — she's one of seven — and what sharing a room with her sister taught her.
  • The items in her home that she takes with her from home to home. (Think: IKEA!)
  • How her home reflects her personality without her even realizing it.


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