The Holiday Newsstand: Hunker's Definitive 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

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Welcome to the Hunker Holiday Gift Guide. From joyful decor picks to gifts that give back, these items are sure to delight everyone on your list.

'Tis the season for giving and receiving — and a lot of overthinking along the way. (Don't worry, we're here to help.) Introducing the Hunker Holiday Newsstand, an IRL collection of products, at our pop-up shop in Venice, CA, that celebrate the meaningful moments we share at home — and your ultimate destination for finding the best gifts for everyone on your list.


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If last year was all about puzzles, sweatpants, and escaping reality, this year we're reclaiming the holidays as we once knew them. We're getting back to what's familiar: making meals, sharing spaces, and opening up our homes to family and friends, along with showing off our DIYs, remodels, and that paint-by-numbers piece you got framed. So, what's better than a gift that truly makes the home a better place?


From entertaining essentials, like bar cart and coffee must-haves, to high-design accessories that will both elevate and cozy up your bedrooms, bathroom, and home offices, this year we have upped the ante on what the "season of giving" really means. So, before you spend too much time in the brainstorming phase of gift-giving, consider this your guide to stress-free shopping.


(And if you find yourself in Los Angeles this holiday season, visit us on Abbott Kinney! Find all the fun details, here.)

Kitchen and Entertaining

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Whether your giftee's style is a full spread and sit-down dinner, or they prefer a healthy serving of charcuterie while standing around the kitchen, the holidays are prime for entertaining both — and that means they'll need the right tools. We rounded up our favorite food prep gadgets, serving dishes, party snacks, and more that will turn anyone into a pro, no matter the skill level. Arm them with these genius picks and help them master the art of holiday hosting.


FiveTwo by Food52

Food52 is a fan favorite for good reason: It always delivers stellar product picks, recipes, and insight into home cooking. But with Five Two, the brand's home line co-created by the Food52 experts using feedback straight from the readers, it has upgraded to cult-favorite status. After observing comments and gathering intel from readers, Food52 decided to use its unique vantage point to create a line of well-made products that solve common problems. Think adding oven mitts into the corners of aprons, built-in strainers into saucepans, and measurement markers on rolling pins to make baking a breeze. These gifts are perfect for anyone who loves to work smarter, not harder in the kitchen.


Le Creuset

When it comes to brands, few are as iconic as Le Creuset. From the quality to the aesthetic, there's a reason the timeless cookware makes our gift guide year after year — it's guaranteed to impress. The French company has stood the test of time thanks to its wide array of long-lasting products, from honey pots and coffee mugs to "French" ovens.



Crackers may seem like a charcuterie afterthought when brie and prosciutto are involved, but they are actually a crucial element — get them wrong and the whole bite is off. These crackers from Moonshot aren't just delicious (and they are really, really delicious​),​ but they are also the first climate-friendly snack around. This means they are carbon-neutral and organic, and each and every ingredient, from the heirloom wheat to the sunflower oil, is mindfully and sustainably farmed and sourced. So not only can you feel good about gifting them, but they'll make a great conversation starter, too. Pair the Tomato Basil with tangy goat cheese or the Rosemary Garlic with a sharp cheddar and prepare to swoon.


Fly By Jing

When prepping for a dinner party, there's nothing better than shortcuts that make something even better — that's what we call a win-win, people. Fly By Jing is a line of flavorful Sichuan sauces, spices, and peppers that instantly enhance home-cooked meals to five-star restaurant-level. Whether you need to impress some dinner guests or have a foodie friend who travels with their own hot sauce, a Fly By Jing flavor trio is here to save the day dish.


Triple Threat


Tribute Pepper





You may be familiar with nutribullet's original countertop blender, but did you know the brand has since expanded into a full line of time-saving, hassle-free kitchen gadgets that make meal prep and hosting a breeze? The latest launch, a pod and carafe-hybrid coffee maker, is a genius item to add to any kitchen thanks to its dual-brew capabilities. It easily switches between filter and pod brewing methods to help fulfill all coffee needs at any given moment. Throw in some fresh beans from Coffee Manufactory or gorg mugs from HAY and get ready for weekly coffee dates.

Pukka Tea

If they're a tea fan, Pukka Tea produces award-winning organic and ethically sourced herbal teas in pre-packaged gift sets for different interests, ranging from energizing blends to digestion aids.

Clevr Blends

If they love lattes (or Meghan Markle), Clevr Blends has plant-powered SuperLatte blends, in flavors like Chai and Coffee, that are backed by Markle and Oprah — and now us, too. Throw in a frother for a perfect gift bundle.

Chai SuperLatte


Golden SuperLatte


Matcha SuperLatte


Bar Essentials

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Cheers, ​salud​, ​kanpai​, ​prost​ — however you say it, clinked glasses are the universal greeting of the holiday season. Dust off the bar cart and grab a cocktail shaker. Celebrations are long overdue.


If you've opened up Instagram in the last two years or so, you've likely seen Haus popping up as the unofficial liquor on any cool bar setup. The sleek, simple bottles look like hard liquor with a makeover — and the ingredients inside are no different. The all-natural apéritifs are crafted with real fruits and botanicals rather than artificial flavors. In other words, they are perfect for sipping throughout the evening on the rocks, in a spritz, or with simple mixers like soda and tonic.


One holiday tradition that never goes out of fashion? A well-stocked (and styled) bar. Include BOMBAY SAPPHIRE — the flavorful, versatile gin that elevates any cocktail — to surprise any cocktail-lover and prepare to be toasted all season long for your gift-giving acumen.

Sapphire Gin


Gin & Tonic (4-pack)



Simple but timeless, goblet-shaped glasses work well for everything from wine to cocktails and, therefore, make the perfect addition to a drink lover's collection (and we love this affordable option from Crate & Barrel). Throw in some decorative cocktail napkins or an elevated ice bucket for an effortlessly thoughtful gift.

Ridgecrest Gin Goblet


Etched Ice Bucket



Working from home this past year was a practice in patience for everyone. To celebrate a job well done, or simply congratulate them for making it this far, gift them a desk accessory that will guarantee a smile.

Rifle Paper Co.

Rifle Paper Co.'s goal is to "fill the world with quality products that bring beauty to the every day." Its line of desk decor includes floral notebooks, inspirational calendars, pencils that delight, and more fun items to make WFH a little more beautiful. Because let's be real, the world outside is unpredictable and scary; there's no need for our desks to be, too.

Hawthorne Embroidered Pillow


Jigsaw Puzzle


Pencil Cup


2022 12-Month Monthly Planner


Embroidered Sketchbook


Bed and Bath

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Often, the best kinds of gifts are the ones that promote a little bit of self-care for the recipient. Whether they recharge with a nightly bath or a great night of sleep, something that helps promote their mental health is always a good idea. Focus on luxurious sateen sheets, a silk eye mask, or deliciously scented candles for a zen they'll appreciate more than you'll ever know.


If sustainability and sleeping go hand in hand for you or a person on your list, ettitude is a no-brainer. Based in Australia, the brand uses 100% organic bamboo in all of its sheets, comforters, bathrobes, and more. The lovely Sage hue, pictured above, is the latest launch and a timeless shade that works all year long. Plus, the all-natural bamboo is inherently temperature-regulating, so it can help keep your body cooler or warmer no matter what the weather app reports.


For a different, but equally luxurious, sleeping experience, look to Brooklinen's line of silky pillowcases, eye masks, and scrunchies. The 100%-pure Mulberry silk is stunning and versatile — it's naturally cool to the touch while staying breathable and cozy, it's known to be especially great for the skin and hair, and it's machine-washable. Gift it to the person who prioritizes quality beauty sleep (pun very much intended) above all else.

Hooded Chevron Robe


Mulberry Silk Eyemask


Flamingo Estate & Saint Olio

Flamingo Estate is a line of bath, body, and home essentials with a mission to ignite your senses and inspire your palate with Earth-minded luxury essentials. From dreamy hand soap to Roma heirloom tomato-scented candles, there's something for everyone on your list. Plus, it's hand-crafted in California and created with the notion of not only reducing harm to the Earth, but also benefiting it, too.

Saint Olio creates a healthy and indulgent way to clean, fragrance, and refresh using the power of what nature provides. Create a daily ritual of misting your bedding and cleansing your environment's air with one of its room refreshers.

The Garden Tour


Living Room and Pet

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When it comes to the focal point of the home, the living room beats out the kitchen by a fraction. These days, it's not just a place to binge-watch the latest streaming sensation; it's also where we take conference calls, follow along with at-home yoga classes, try our hand at TikTok dances, and gather with friends and family. In other words, we need it to be functional and comfortable. We love the idea of gifts that serve helpful purposes and also enhance our space.


IQAir is an air quality technology company providing customers with scientifically rigorous air filtration products and accurate air quality data. As many of us work from home, or go back into the office, we could all use a little more peace of mind when it comes to the air we're breathing. The sleek desk purifier features HyperHEPA filtration technology to provide the purest air possible. It also comes equipped with app compatibility to track your space's air health. There's a clip-in car version, perfect for anyone who could use a little extra peace of mind as we enter cold and flu season.


LAY LO believes that the look of your dog's bed is just as important as how it feels. As dog lovers and owners, they set out to create a bed that accommodated the realities of pet ownership. With drool-worthy comfort and ever-changing designs, it's a pet bed you won't need to hide away when guests come over. Another thing you won't need to hide? The Le Creuset pet collection — the brand's most recent launch — includes food bowls and canisters any pet lover would fawn over.


Taschen, founded in a small comic book shop in 1980, is an international publisher specializing in books on art, architecture, design, fashion, and film. Jim Heimann is the executive editor for TASCHEN AMERICA, a cultural anthropologist, and popular culture historian. This season, he's launching a new exhibit that provides a glimpse at his personal memorabilia archive, including the two books, below.


Leon & George & SunHaven

Even though indoor celebrations are back to an extent this year, getting your outdoor setup, well, ​set up​ for entertaining has never been more important. You may have seen SunHaven's innovative outdoor furniture on Instagram, but we put it to the test in our very own Newsstand and can confirm it's as good as it looks (read more on that here). And, when it comes to filling a space with greenery, Léon & George has everything you need to get hooked up. Stock up on fiddle leaf figs, gorgeous planters, and even watering cans for all of your green thumb needs.