This Buzzy Outdoor Furniture Is Worth the Hype (and on Super-Sale Right Now)

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When shopping for outdoor furniture, there are a few criteria at the top of every person's list: comfort, durability, and design aesthetics. Of course, prioritizing those three often means sacrificing your bank account. But what if we said we found a brand that checks all ​four​ boxes? Yep, SunHaven not only offers durable and practical outdoor furniture that has an elevated design, but it also has a competitive price. (Especially when there's a Cyber Week sale running.) We tested out the furniture at our Holiday Newsstand pop-up — check out all of the exciting details on that here — and are happy to report that it was a winner across the board. Scroll down to read our honest review.


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(While we did receive SunHaven's Wicker Sofa Set in exchange for an honest review, all of the following thoughts and opinions expressed below are our own and are not influenced by SunHaven in any way.)

The Specs

While SunHaven offers a variety of furniture you can get a la carte or in sets, plus a ton of accessories and extras, for the purpose of this review, we will be focusing on the Olivia Nine-Piece Outdoor Roped Wicker Sofa Set and Cypress Eight-Piece Outdoor Decor Kit. Featuring a white powder-coated aluminum frame wrapped in roped wicker, the nine-piece Olivia set includes two club chairs, a four-piece sectional, two ottomans, one coffee table, and 14 ultra-thick fabric cushions in either white or grey (we chose grey). Every piece is weather-resistant, built-to-last, and comes fully assembled with accompanying clips to help stabilize all of the pieces together. That said, it is also very customizable. We have the set at our aforementioned Holiday Newsstand and, while prepping for an event, we decided to reconfigure it for the evening to allow for more seating and space in our outdoor area. While we probably won't leave it in the setup we created for the party, having so many individual pieces within the set allowed us to create a bespoke setup for the night, which was incredibly helpful.

SunHaven also sells decor kits, which are essentially bundles of accessories, from throw pillows to blankets, that enhance your outdoor space. The bundle we selected, the Cypress Eight-Piece Outdoor Decor, includes one braided rug, two large throw pillows, two medium throw pillows, two lumbar throw pillows, and one throw blanket. It's that extra touch of thoughtfulness that not only makes your shopping job way easier in the long run, but also ties your space together instantly with zero headaches or stress.


The Pros

A lot of what was mentioned in the specs section above falls right into the pros column. The fact that the furniture arrives fully assembled — minus arranging the actual pieces — cannot be understated. Anyone who has spent hours hunched over a piece of IKEA furniture with a key wrench in hand can attest; assembling furniture can be hell. Such a large piece of furniture arriving ready to be used immediately is truly a godsend.

The amount of both customization and bundling is also very high on the list of pros. Every person has a different need and space to shop for, so being able to browse different setups — from two pieces all the way to 12 pieces — that can then also be manipulated into whatever shape you need is also incredibly helpful. Each package from SunHaven is also neutral enough that you can easily mix and match to find something suitable for your tastes and needs.

The Cons

Although the price point is very competitive — and it's currently on sale! — it's certainly not a budget buy. However, the quality is definitely well worth the price tag. When you splurge on outdoor furniture, you want to ensure that it will last through the seasons and be comfortable and stylish, and SunHaven's line of options certainly fits the bill.

The Verdict

All in all, SunHaven's outdoor furniture is a win-win across the board. If you're looking to make a solid investment in your patio setup that also offers you customization, decorating ease, and comfortability, you really can't go wrong. But, we highly recommend shopping during Cyber Week to get 30% off and help bring down the costs a bit. Scroll down to shop now.


Olivia Nine-Piece Outdoor Roped Wicker Sofa Set, $3,499 $2,799.20

Cypress Eight-Piece Outdoor Decor Kit, $424.99 $297.49


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