These Entrance Hallway Decor Ideas Will Make a Bold Statement

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Whether you live in a small apartment or a spacious abode, your entry decor most likely sets the tone for the entire home. And while some of us might not have a separate mudroom or grand foyer next to the front door, there are ways to create a stylish and budget-friendly entryway mood no matter your square footage.


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From a pop of wallpaper to a statement lamp, here are our favorite entrance hallway ideas to help you create a fab first impression.

1. Add wallpaper.

Sure, you may not have all the room in the world for an entryway table, but one thing you can do in almost any small space is add wallpaper right next to the front door. We love how this modern pattern from Feathr adds a surprising touch to an otherwise traditional makeover.


2. Fake an entry hall if you have to.

A lot of homes and apartments don't have separate space for an entry hall. In fact, the front door may open right into a living room. But fret not. You can add a small credenza with some DIY flair and an area rug to make a first impression that says guests are more than welcome.


3. Put your entry to work.

If you have a busy household with lots of people coming and going, a bench for storing shoes will be the perfect small entryway addition. Pop a plant on top, and mount a wall rack for hanging coats above. In the end, you'll have a chic and practical pit stop.


4. Try some texture on the wall.

Feel like your entrance hallway is too plain? Add some texture to a statement wall with wood slats like these to create a home decor moment that feels both minimalist and impactful. Extra points if you throw in plants and a small storage bench with cozy cushions.


5. Hang up hats.

We love entry hallway decorating ideas that involve benches or a well-placed plant. But sometimes just hanging up a few hats is all you need. Use a handful of stylish hooks to keep your headwear readily available when you're on your way out to the garden.


Want another way to create an entryway in a smaller space? Hang a gallery wall right next to your front door. To get the look, mix and match frames and photos in various shapes and sizes. A farmhouse bench placed just below will add that extra warm welcome.


7. Get a grand light fixture.

If you have tall ceilings, take a page out of interior designer Amber Lewis's book. Hang a chandelier in your hallway for some extra wow. We love the juxtaposition of a modern fixture in a rustic setting. But no matter which style you go for, the drama will fit right in.


8. Create a conversation space.

Your entrance hallway deserves a few interior design ideas that are unexpected, and this space from Chango & Co. proves it. Just picture yourself having a good catch-up with a friend on these sculptural chairs. The funky furniture makes a stylish statement all on its own but can also be paired with a round mirror, pendant lights, and minimalist art.

9. Go dramatic with dark paint.

Instead of going with a light and bright color palette, create a moment with dark paint like Heidi Caillier does here. This rich and moody tone gives off a fabulous first impression to anyone who enters. And the paint job even takes the place of wall decor or art.