7 Ceramic Stovetops That Will Convince You to Ditch Traditional Coil Burners

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From the flooring to the backsplash to cabinetry and countertops, there are all sorts of decisions to make when renovating a kitchen. Among the most important ones? Your stove.


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While options with electric coil and gas burners are more traditional, ceramic cooktops add a more modern and sleek approach to your kitchen design. One of our favorite perks? They even double as extra countertop space when not in use, allowing you to better utilize the footprint of a cozy kitchen.

But ceramic stovetops aren't without a couple of drawbacks. While they're much easier to keep clean from oils and spills than coil burners, the ceramic surface is prone to scratches, making it important to consider what types of pots and pans you use while cooking. For example, cast iron cookware tends to be a no-no, as the rough material can leave a mark on the smooth ceramic surface. Instead, you'll need to stick to options with thick, smooth bottoms to ensure no damage occurs to your stovetop.


If that doesn't scare you away, and this sleek, modern option is exactly what you're looking for, keep scrolling for seven of our favorite ceramic stovetops to consider.

1. Smeg 36-inch Ceramic Cooktop With Angle Edge Glass, $1,199

Smeg's five-burner ceramic cooktop comes with an elegant black glass surface, beveled glass edge, and soft-touch controls. It would be the perfect complement to any minimalist kitchen. Plus, the five burners allow for maximum flexibility while you cook.


2. Fisher & Paykel Professional 30-inch Electric Induction Cooktop, $2,399

Fisher & Paykel offer a four-burner induction cooktop (don't worry, we've covered all the pros and cons of this type of stove) that boasts a smooth, ceramic surface and child and pet safety features — the cooktop remains cool until a pot or pan is placed on the surface to prevent any accidents.


3. Bosch 500 Series Electric Cooktop, $849

This modern, European-designed ceramic stovetop by Bosch combines a smooth finish with classic, surface-mounted knobs for easy control. Plus, it offers a Residual Heat Indicator that warns if the cooktop is warm or hot to the touch.


4. GE 30-inch Smoothtop Electric Cooktop With 4 Radiant Elements, $479

GE's ceramic stovetop boasts a spacious 30 inches of workspace and four radiant elements. In addition to a Power Boil feature for extra-fast heating, it also includes a Melt setting which allows you to effortlessly melt delicate foods — like chocolate or cheese — without scorching them.


5. Frigidaire Professional 30-inch Electric, Ceramic Glass 5-Burner Flat Range With Stainless Steel Trim, $629

This ceramic stovetop by Frigidaire features surface-control knobs, five radiant elements, a Power Boil feature, and a Keep Warm zone that would surely come in handy during the holidays.


6. Summit Appliance 23.25-inch Electric Cooktop With 4 Burners, $789.99

Not all ceramic stovetops have to come in black! This light and bright option by Summit Appliance would blend seamlessly in an all-white kitchen, and its compact size makes it ideal for a smaller cook space. It also features digital touch controls, keeping the top completely smooth and easy-to-clean.


7. Bertazzoni Professional Series 24-inch Electric Smoothtop Style Cooktop With Four Elements, $949

Bertazzoni's kitchen appliances are known for their sleek, Italian designs, and this ceramic stovetop is no different. Featuring integrated touch control and versatile heat settings that include effortless melting, rapid boil, and double zone elements, the chef in your family will feel right at home with this modern, electric option.