How to Replace the Heating Element in a Glass Top Stove

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It's not difficult to replace the heating element in a glass top stove.
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Glass top stoves are an attractive addition to the kitchen. Unlike regular coil type stove tops, the glass top stove will require some disassembly when a heating element becomes faulty. Although this may seem like a difficult task, it really is not. Replacing the stove heating element in a glass top stove can be done in about 30 minutes.


Disconnecting Stove Heating Element Power

If you're tackling this project for the first time, taking pictures with your phone or digital camera of each step during the heating element removal process may be helpful when you begin to install the new element. Unplug the power cord of the stove from the electrical wall outlet. Open the oven door and look for retaining screws under the front lip of the main top. Remove the retaining screws with a Phillips screwdriver, and close the oven door after removing the retaining screws.

Removing Ground Wire Connection

Grab the top corner of the glass top with your fingers and slide the glass top toward you 1 foot. Locate the connection for the ground wire and wiring harness strain relief directly under the rear control console. Use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the screws that secure the ground wire and the strain relief strap.


Flipping the Glass Top

Place a sheet over the top of the glass top. Grab the glass top securely with both hands and flip it over. Set the glass top down on the stove. The sheet will protect the finish of the glass top while you are replacing the heating element. Note that a GE glass top stove burner replacement, for example, may follow a slightly different process than another brand's replacement, and a schematic of your range's brand will be a helpful reference here.

Removing the Limiter

Locate the limiter on the side of the faulty heating element. The limiter is a plastic piece on the side of the element with four wires connected to it. Remove the four wires from the limiter and remove the two screws that secure the limiter to the heating element with a Phillips screwdriver.


Removing the Faulty Heating Element

Pull the two wires off the heating element terminals by pulling the metal wire leads off the terminal. There is a metal band that connects from the front of the glass top to the back of the glass top over two heating elements. Remove the screw that secures the metal band from the rear of the glass top that covers the faulty element. Lift up the metal band and slide the faulty element out of the glass top.

Replacing the Faulty Heating Element

Take the faulty element to an appliance repair facility to purchase a replacement element. Lift up the metal retaining strap and carefully slide the replacement heating element into position. Attach the limiter to the side of the heating element using the retaining screws. Connect the heating element wires to the heating element and reconnect the four wires to the limiter.


Installing the New Heating Element

Secure the rear of the metal band to the stove glass top using the retaining screw. Grab the glass top with both hands and flip it back over so that the cooking area is facing up again. Remove the sheet and reconnect the ground wire and the wiring harness retaining strap.

Replacing the Glass Top

Slide the glass top back under the control console. Open the oven door and secure the front of the glass top using the retaining screws under the front lip. Close the oven door and reconnect the stove power cord to the electrical outlet.



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