Best Ceramic Stove Top Cleaners

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Ceramic stove tops are great because they are easy to clean.
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Ceramic stove tops are popular because they provide a smooth outer surface unblemished by ugly spiral burner elements; heat more evenly; and offer easy to clean surfaces — at least most of the time. Cleaning becomes more of a challenge when food has fallen onto the hot burners or has been left on the burner for too long. In addition, the older the stove top gets, the more difficult it can be to clean.


Several stove cleaners specifically designed as ceramic cooktop cleaners are available. These products, combined with a bit of elbow grease, have the ability to make your stove top look like new.

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Cerama Bryte Cooktop Stove Cleaner

Cerama Bryte is not abrasive and won't scratch your cook top. Whether you have a halogen or radiant-type cook top, Cerama Bryte cooktop cleaner is safe to use. It can also clean other surfaces, including glass shower doors, pots and pans, and porcelain sinks. Cerama Bryte's ingredients do not include silicone or other substances that can harm a ceramic cooktop surface.

Weiman Glass Cooktop Cleaner

Touted by Business Insider as the best ceramic stove-top cleaner, Weiman Cooktop Cleaner Max not only cleans your cook top without scratching, but also shines and protects the surface. Weiman uses a protective formula which keeps food from sticking to the cook top surface. The company also produces Cook Top Scrubbing Pads which, when used in conjunction with the cleaner, provide the ultimate cleaning experience.


Mr. Clean's Magic Eraser Sheets

Designed to clean much more than just cook top surfaces, Mr. Clean Magic Clean Eraser Sheets work with only water — no additional cleaning solutions are necessary. Although the Magic Eraser cleans things like soap scum, leather, walls and floors, it is perfectly suited and highly effective for cleaning and shining your ceramic cook top. Simply tear a Magic Eraser sheet from the dispenser, wet it under running water, squeeze the excess water and clean your cooktop.


Carbona Ceramic Cooktop Cleaner

The Carbona ceramic cooktop cleaner contains no abrasives, and it's safe for everyday use. For stubborn, burnt-on food, Carbona also makes a glass ceramic cooktop scraper that safely removes burned deposits without scratching a ceramic cooktop. The scraper kit also includes three replacement blades, and it's designed to use on a cold cooktop only. After properly scraping the burnt-on food following label directions, use the Carbona ceramic cooktop cleaner to finish cleaning.


Scotch-Brite Cook Top Cleaner Kit

Made by 3M, Scotch-Brite glass cooktop pads are disposable cleaning pads already infused with a cleaning solution designed to safely tackle cook top surfaces. The starter kit contains two cleaning pads with an easy-grip shape.

EZ Brite Cooktop Cleaner

This cleaner is naturally based and biodegradable with no bleach, ammonia or phosphates among its ingredients. As a water-based product with no artificial colors, EZ Brite cooktop cleaner has a fresh lemon scent. It will not mar the surface of ceramic cooktops, and it's packaged as a highly concentrated gel in a 16-oz. bottle. This cleaner is also safe to use on Pyrex and Corningware.



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