Small Electric Stoves Under $1,000 Do Exist — And These Seven Prove It

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A new stove will be one of the biggest investments you make during a kitchen makeover, no matter if your cook space is 40 square feet or 400. The good news? Small stoves are more affordable than larger models, making them ideal for the budget-conscious renovator and tiny home or apartment dweller.


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Electric stoves can come with glass or coil tops, suiting a more modern or traditional look depending on your preference. While there are plenty of simple models to be found, there are also quite a few small electric stoves that manage to fit in some fantastic bonus features, for under $1,000.

These small electric stoves all come in under 30-inches or less and have plenty to offer without breaking the bank.

1. Frigidaire 24-inch Freestanding Electric Range with Manual Clean in Stainless Steel, $769

At just 24 inches, this freestanding electric range by Frigidaire is perfectly suited for a small kitchen. It boasts a hidden heating element allowing you to keep the bottom of your oven clean with little effort. Plus, it has the capacity to cook up to a 10-pound turkey, so you don't have to sacrifice your dream of hosting Thanksgiving!

2. Blomberg 24-inch 2.51 cu. ft. Freestanding Electric Range, $929.99

The gray enamel finish on this small electric stove by Blomberg not only lends a sleek, modern look but also allows for quick and easy cleanup. The slide-in style makes this appliance look nearly twice as expensive, but in reality, it costs less than $1,000.

3. Premium 24-inch 2.6 cu. ft. Freestanding Electric Range, $569.99


For those with an affinity for vintage style, look no further than this 24-inch freestanding electric range by Premium. The removable drawer at the bottom is the perfect solution for maximizing storage in a small kitchen.

4. GE Appliances JB655SKSS, Stainless Steel, $767

This small electric oven by GE offers a dual burner cooktop that allows you to switch between nine and 12-inch electric elements. A convection oven offers the ability to cook and brown foods evenly, while the self-cleaning feature keeps upkeep minimal.

5. Danby 20-inch Electric Range With Coil Elements in Black, $522.12

If ceramic cooktops are a no-go in your book, then look no further than this petite number by Danby, boasting four electric coil burners. The black finish allows you to skip all of the obvious fingerprints that come along with stainless steel, while still feeling updated and fresh.

6. Magic Chef 24-inch 2.2 cu. ft. Electric Range With Convection in Stainless Steel, $899

This chic, small electric stove by Magic Chef offers a programmable convection oven with seven cooking modes, allowing for increased flexibility. The smooth, ceramic surface allows for easy cleanup, and the digital clock and timer make it extra functional.


7. LG Smart Wi-Fi Enabled Fan Convection Electric Range With Air Fry & EasyClean®, $899.99

If you've been lusting after an air fryer but can't find room for one more small kitchen appliance on your countertop, look no further than this high-tech stove by LG. A built-in air fryer in the convection oven makes this the perfect multipurpose range, and its WiFi capability allows you to have peace of mind no matter where you are.


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