Family Room Paint Colors That Will Make You Crave a Space Refresh

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Choosing the perfect family room paint colors can seem like a daunting task. The options are essentially endless. And even with a huge selection of all your favorite color swatches close at hand, how can you select just one? It can make you feel like you're in a choose your own adventure book.


What will happen to the feng shui of your family room if you paint it a deep forest green instead of a more tropical one? Should you paint one wall, two, or all of them?

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The answers to these questions depend on a few things. But the most important thing is this: If you go with your gut during your family room makeover, you won't be dissatisfied.


Here are eight gorgeous rooms to help you find the family room paint colors you'll love most.

1.  Deep Blue or Navy

Any shade of blue will set a relaxing mood in your living room or family room. And that's absolutely ideal for a space that you use for daily unwinding. Plus, since this shade is Pantone's Color of the Year 2020, a crisp blue room will be right on-trend.


Get the look: Dark Navy, Behr

2. Soft Gray

If black is too drastic, but you still want a little pop from your family room paint color, gray is the way to go. Softer grays, like the one in this Heidi Caillier design, usually have a slight tint of green. They can make any space feel cozy and pair beautifully with rustic wood accents and cream window treatments.


Get the look: Lunar Surface, Behr


3. Bold Black and Dark Hues

Even though it's one of the more intimidating options, black paint can look stunning when paired with the right furniture pieces in a good space. Black really does match everything. It can also make any lighter colors in your family room stand out. Just make sure you have a strong light source, so things don't feel too confined.


Get the look: Bohemian Black, Sherwin-Williams

4. Dark or Mint Green

Green walls aren't just for the nature lovers among us. In fact, as one of those colors that both calms and brightens, green can feel extremely transitional. It works in the mornings when you feel energetic and in the evenings when you wind down. A dark forest green paint color will add depth to your family room and pair perfectly with gray furniture. A lighter mint green will have an uplifting energy.


Get the look: Rainforest, Behr

5. Off-White

Image Credit: Peter Schweitzer for Hunker

There's really something about a balanced white wall that's hard to beat. But believe it or not, there are lots of white tones to choose from depending on your family room design. Rarely, though, will you want to go with a pure, museum-style white. It can be particularly cold and sterile, which isn't typically what we want in a family room paint color. Try something with warm undertones. As an added bonus, white paint colors tend to the cheapest!



Get the look: Painter's White, Behr

6. Terra Cotta

Terra cotta and other natural orange tones are bold, but they add a wonderful depth to any desert-style living room. However, choosing the right tone that isn't too brown can be tricky. Be sure to select a few samples of your favorite hues before settling on one. When used on an accent wall, this color will help you show off any brightly-colored furniture in your family room Pro tip: Navy blue or turquoise paired with terra cotta is a match made in heaven!


Get the look: Cavern Clay, Sherwin-Williams

7. Blush Pink

Pastels look amazing in common spaces like living rooms and family rooms, and blush pink is no exception. Just like a space-brightening white paint, a delicate pink will add a bit of personality without making things feel too heavy. Add in some greenery and cute storage, and your family room will be photograph-ready.


Get the look: Bella Pink, Sherwin-Williams

8. Yellow

Yellow is one of those magical colors that can go almost anywhere. It matches well with natural, earth tones while also bringing a bright glow to the room. Moreover, family room paint colors like this one can be the only statement your space needs. Yellow is the perfect color to help open up smaller family rooms, too. Skip the curtains, and let the natural light complement the walls.

Get the look: Dandelion Wish, Behr



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