Want a baby nursery idea that's thoughtful, serene, gender-neutral, and never goes out of style? Cue Scandi-inspired design. If you're expecting a little one, look to these 10 Scandinavian baby rooms for calm, quiet, restful, and timeless inspo.

1. Choose a Nordic-style crib.

The Scandi-style, wood-and-white crib seen in this nursery designed by Amber Lewis is trending, and for good reason: It's beautiful, timeless, and works with every type of nursery idea. With a cool color palette, it looks light and airy even in the tiniest of nurseries.

2. Add a sheepskin rug.

As shown by Emily Henderson in this baby's room, a bit of faux sheepskin adds Scandi coziness to any nursery idea. Drape it over a rocker, or layer it on top of an area rug to create an extra cozy tummy time spot.

3. Embrace black-and-white patterns.

Scandinavian nursery idea with black-and-white tree pattern
credit: Petit & Small

Channel Scandi design like Edina Sæther did with kid-approved patterns in black and white, like the fir trees shown in her son's nursery, or even Pia Wallén-inspired cross patterns. They're charming on the walls, throw blankets, crib sheets, or framed prints.

4. Go for wooden playthings.

Scandinavian nursery idea with wooden baby gym on floor near window
credit: Amazon

Nordic and Scandi style is all about goods that are beautiful, practical, and built to last — toys included. Instead of plastic and bright-colored options, opt for well-made wooden playthings for your tiny tot. They'll be more durable and look better, too.

5. Keep storage simple.

Scandinavian baby nursery idea with storage cabinet and woven baskets for toys
credit: Room to Bloom

For a serene Scandi-style nursery idea, what isn't in the room is almost more important than the decor. Steer clear of extra clutter and unnecessary items and select only a few simple toys and pieces of furniture instead. Keep the rest well-organized in good-looking storage pieces, like woven baskets or a painted hutch, as seen in this space designed by Ursula from Room to Bloom.

6. Include natural textures.

Invoke Nordic style like Ciara Self did by bringing in natural materials like wood and woven textures all over the room, even in the light fixtures, like the woven IKEA option shown here. It'll add intrigue to a neutral nursery idea.

7. Hang a mobile.

Scandinavian nursery idea with light wood crib and floral garland on wall with swan mobile hanging from ceiling
credit: The Tot

Add a dose of whimsy with a mobile in soft tones. Simple geometric shapes are fittingly Scandinavian, as are pastel hues, DIY designs made of wood, and tiny felt creatures, as seen with this mobile by Petit Pehr.

8. Lean a ladder.

A leaning blanket ladder is the perfect place to keep your treasured swaddles and blankets within easy reach — and on display — as captured by photographer Trish Allison in this nursery.

9. Keep it neutral.

For a Scandi-esque baby's room, say no to pinks and blues and opt instead for white walls and pale shades of white, off-white, and gray. The neutral, light tones will keep the nursery restful and calm as seen here in this serene space.

10. Finish with a wreath.

No Scandinavian-inspired nursery idea would be complete without a simple wreath made of greenery. (You can even DIY one here.) Hang one above the crib or the changing table like photographer Paige Jones did to bring in some natural decor and make your baby's room look and feel just a little bit special.

Annie Quigley

Annie Quigley is a freelance writer, editor, and poet whose work has appeared in Remodelista, Food & Wine, The Wall Street Journal, and elsewhere.