12 Mobiles for Nurseries to Promote Your Child's Development

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Creating a dreamy nursery is a beautiful and fun experience. But, with all the changes a baby involves, overthinking every detail of the nursery can get overwhelming. Let's start with the baby mobile, a beautiful ceiling accessory that can help foster your baby's developing motor skills, including following objects with their eyes. They're a fabulous idea to ensure your baby is calm, happy, and entertained when they're in their crib. Not to mention, it adds a beautiful design element to the nursery, and it could easily become the focal element.


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Some baby mobiles have music boxes to play music and soothing sounds to capture babies' attention; these are great to have by the crib side. Most have remote control settings you can connect to even when you're not in the room.

Overwhelmed? Keep it simple and opt for just a few defining accessories, starting with an adorable crib mobile. These picks are so sweet, gender-neutral, and will fit your nursery's decor perfectly.

First off, how could you not love something made by someone named Petunia Pickle Bottom? Sold. Second, this color combo would be an excellent fit for a gender-neutral nursery. It works perfectly as a baby ceiling mobile and once the baby grows out of the crib, it can become a decorative accent.

If you're grooving on the southwest or desert-chic decor, a cactus mobile feels just right. It's another gender-neutral baby mobile that will never go out of style. Handmade with bright felt and synthetic fillers, the wooden hoop lets the cactuses be the center of attention. This Etsy seller also has an option to customize the baby mobile so you can get the colors that match your nursery's color palette.

With adorable sparkling stars and soft felt clouds, this baby mobile will help your little one sleep under the stars — literally. Choose a neutral color palette for a genderless nursery, or mix and match different colors to personalize your baby's mobile.


Half art piece, half nursery decor, this mobile is made from sustainable bamboo and adds just the right amount of color to your nursery. Plus, it's free of solvents and other toxics that you want to keep away from your baby. Accented with wool felt pieces, it's a subtle mobile that won't take away from the rest of your nursery's decor.

For the baby room that's going for full-on fun, try this delicate mobile made of colorful geometric paper ornaments. This geometric paper mobile will give a touch of light and color above your child's crib. It's a beautiful mobile that will provide visual stimulation for your baby as the smooth movement of paper and the colors of the mobile will soothe and relax the baby for the greatest night's sleep.

This woodland mobile feels like it was plucked straight from a storybook. An adorable gender-neutral baby mobile will fit right in with the nature and animals theme that's so popular in nurseries. It can also serve as a decorative piece by a corner to add texture, color, and interest.


Designed for the modern nursery, this origami mobile is a must-have. Paper mache origami shapes in bright colors hang from rattan hangers for a natural look that's both beautiful and artistic. Great for a gender-neutral nursery with hints of bright colors.

For the boho-inspired nursery, this adorable baby mobile will bring a breath of fresh air. This nursery mobile will add an unexpected decorative flair to the room with desert-inspired accents like camels, cactus, and night pom poms.

Your baby is already the center of the universe; add this artful solar system display in bright handcrafted felt to highlight the nursery room. As the baby grows, this planetary mobile can move to the games area for an educational accessory that kids will love.

Infuse your nursery with a burst of colors and textures with this felted ceiling mobile. Different-sized balls fall from the skies to engage your baby's fascination for shapes and colors. Because this is a long mobile, you should remove it once your baby can sit up. But, don't worry, you can still place it by the corner for a pop of color.


A simple design that will make a lasting impression on your nursery decor. The wooden rods act as balancing weights to swing gently. Your baby will love to see how the balls swing and shimmer with their bright rainbow colors. It's a masterful nursery mobile that can become a sensory toy once the baby grows.

For a homely, modern nursery aesthetic, this simple geometric baby mobile is perfect. Shapes made of natural wood and iron complement each other for a mixed-media baby mobile that fits any nursery decor. Easy to pair with other accessories, it's a must-have for a modern, gender-neutral nursery.

Baby Mobile Tips to Remember

If you're planning on adding a baby mobile to your nursery, try to hang it no more than 12-16 inches away from your baby's face and slightly to the side of their line of vision so that they can see it. Most babies will start interacting with their crib mobile by the time they reach three months. If your baby doesn't seem to be responding to it, try to lower it a little bit until they do.

When your baby can get up on their hands and knees, you should remove your baby's mobile. This is to prevent them from trying to pull it down when they stand. You can also raise the mobile a few inches to keep it away from their reach, especially if your crib's mobile adds a decorative accent to your nursery.

Of all the things you can get to spruce up your nursery, a baby mobile is one of the easiest, effortless, and most adorable accessories you can pick. Have fun choosing the right one for your nursery. We hope these picks give you tons of inspiration to get started.