Small Laundry Room? No Laundry Room? You Really Need This

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I never really had an official laundry room in my house. Instead, I set up my washer and dryer in an odd walkway area located right behind my kitchen. Kind of a makeshift laundry space.


But when my husband and I recently renovated our kitchen, I wanted to redesign that odd space into a pantry and storage closet.

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So the question was: where to put my washer and dryer? My contractor recommended that we move them closer to our bedrooms. Makes more sense when doing all that washing, drying, folding, and putting away the clothes. (I mean, honestly, does that ever end?!)


He cleverly suggested that we stack the washer and dryer within a wall next to our bedrooms (taking over a little weird closet), and then install a barn door over it so we can hide the W & D when not in use. Sold and done!

However, one issue with this solution is that now we have even less closet space, which my house is already seriously lacking.


The puzzle I had to figure out was: where do I keep my laundry basket when not in use? (Detergent is kept in a nearby cabinet.) I didn't want to keep the basket out in the open in the family room because it's not the decor look I'm going for, and our bedrooms and bathrooms are small, so I also didn't want it to take up space there.

Enter my new beloved laundry product that I think is a perfect short-on-space solution:


A collapsible laundry basket.

When in use, it's a regular laundry basket — just pile in all those clothes that you need to fold (or wash).


When not in use, collapse it down and either hide it under a bed or behind a door. Mine, I hide behind a door. Never think about it, never see it … until I need it.

One piece of advice: try not to overload the basket (I'm talking big heaping mounds of laundry), because the weight of the clothes starts to make the basket collapse a bit on one side. Not really a problem, more of a suggestion from the basket that it's really time to fold your clothes and put them away already. A gentle reminder, if you will.


So, if you have a small space or are short on storage spots and closets, I honestly recommend this as an easy laundry room solution.

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