This Hack Keeps Your Laundry Detergent Cap Clean ALL the Time

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Having fresh laundry is one of life's simple pleasures. However, making fresh laundry happen often feels like the opposite — especially when you're in the midst of a detergent mess. (Who doesn't have nightmares about a detergent bottle cap completely caked in the gooey, sticky liquid?) Fortunately, we just learned about a laundry detergent cap hack that's so genius, it's infuriating.


Thanks to We Are Mitú, we can say "goodbye forever" to the detergent-coated plastic cup of our nightmares. Through the Mums Who Clean Facebook group, it was discovered that you can ​actually put most laundry detergent caps in with your laundry​. So once your laundry comes out squeaky clean, so does your measuring cup! Ah!

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However, before you throw your cap in the washing machine, make sure that the detergent bottle doesn't advise otherwise. While this seems like a foolproof hack, some caps are not designed for this and might break in the machine. This could cause plastic shards to become bunched in your clothes and might even damage your washer.


Plus, make sure that you remember to take the cap out before your load goes in the dryer. Melted plastic getting all over your clothes is something you do not want to deal with. Not one bit.



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