This Dryer Hack Is a Laundry Room Game Changer

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Dryers are among some of the best time-saving home appliances out there (shout-out to washing machines and dishwashers, too), and it's an absolute joy to have one in your home. However, sometimes their location in your house can make them a little inconvenient to use — particularly when the door opens in a direction that doesn't quite work in your laundry room or closet. It can be a bit of a pain trying to toss in wet laundry when you have a door in your way!


A viral TikTok video by Emily and Lucas of @emyludesigns shows just how easy it is to fix that dryer door problem. Beginning with the classic adage "I was today year's old," the video follows along as Lucas investigates their dryer door, unscrews it, and then re-installs it on the other side. Simple!

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If you're curious how to do this yourself, we have an easy five-step guide to reversing dryer doors that should work for most machines. But we also have brand-specific guides for Maytag, Bosch, and Whirlpool.


While we're discussing the topic, did you know that you can also flip refrigerator doors, both on full-size and compact appliances? It generally follows the same steps as reversing dryer doors. You can even reverse regular interior doors between the rooms in your home, though that takes a bit more work.

But back to dryers — we want to leave you with one more helpful hack. If your dryer makes an insufferably loud buzzing sound at the end of a cycle, and you can't seem to find a switch to turn it off, don't fret. You can actually turn off that buzzer manually. The process is a little tricky, as you have to open up the machine to pull the wires to the buzzer. But to avoid that jolting sound every time your dryer cycle ends, it's worth the effort! Just be sure to unplug your dryer first, so you don't accidentally get shocked.

Fortunately, there are many more life-changing laundry hacks you can try.



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