How to Change a Dryer Door From Left to Right

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Things You'll Need

  • Phillips-head screwdriver

  • Plastic knife

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You can change the way a dryer door swings open. Most dryers come pre-assembled so the door may either open and close on either the right or left side. Changing the direction in which it opens and closes is an easy process to complete. You may need to adjust the direction of the door due to the layout of your laundry room. The manual that came with your dryer should outline how to change the door opening. If you don't have the manual, the process is basically the same for every dryer.


Step 1

Open the dryer door and locate the four plugs on the right side of dryer door opening.

Step 2

Remove the plugs. You can try pulling them out with your fingers or if they are jammed, use a plastic knife to remove them. If you use a metal knife, you may scratch the paint. Place plugs aside.

Step 3

Unscrew the screws in the door hinge holding the dryer door in place using a Phillips-head screwdriver. Repeat process until dryer door can be removed.

Step 4

Rotate the door to the right side and screw hinges into place.

Step 5

Replace four hinge holes in the four open holes on the left side of the door where the door was previously attached. Close dryer door.



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