How to Fix a Chirping Dryer

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Fix a chirping dryer to make your laundry room quieter.
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A chirping dryer can make laundry time even less enjoyable than it already is. If your dryer chirps or makes a creaking noise as it spins, the problem may be worn drum rollers. If so, there is an easy fix. Good, safe dryer repair will make your appliance last longer, saving you money and keeping operation time quieter. With a few tools and the right replacement parts, you can swap out drum rollers and make your laundry room a more peaceful place.


Step 1

Unplug the dryer from its power source. Disconnect the dryer vent hose. Turn the gas supply valve to the off position if you are repairing a gas dryer. Turn the dryer around so the back is facing you.

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Step 2

Consult the appliance manual to verify where the drum rollers are located. Drum rollers may be accessed from the front or back of the machine.


Step 3

Disassemble the dryer by unscrewing the either the back panel or top panel, depending on your make and model.

Step 4

Examine the triangular roller keeper carefully. Unscrew the triangular roller keeper using the C-clip pliers. Avoid cutting the spindle that holds the drum rollers.


Step 5

Remove the drum rollers and fiber washers. Rub sandpaper over the dryer shaft or spindle. Wet a cloth slightly with alcohol and wipe down the dryer spindles to clean them. Replace the drum rollers, fiber washers and triangular roller keepers.

Step 6

Replace the dryer assembly and screw it back into place. Plug in the dryer and test it by operating it for a few seconds.

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