What Is the F1 Code for a Kenmore Dryer?

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You put a wet pile of just-washed clothes in your Kenmore dryer, expecting the machine to whir to life and start tumbling. Instead, you're met with a few beeps and an F1 or F01 error code. Worst of all, your sopping clothes sit still in a dryer that refuses to dry.


This is an error code that means something has gone wrong with the machine's thermistor, and it needs immediate attention to get back to reliably drying your clothes. There are a couple of ways to run a diagnostic for the F1 or F01 error code.

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The F1 or F01 code indicates that the thermistor is malfunctioning.

Kenmore Dryer Error Code F01

You'll know if you're dealing with a Kenmore dryer error code F01 if the code is flashing on the dryer's LCD monitor. This code indicates that the thermistor has failed. The dryer won't dry without a functioning thermistor because this is the mechanism that measures the internal temperature of the dryer so the machine can safely and efficiently dry the clothes.


Your first step is to remove the wet clothes from the dryer and consider hang drying them while you work.

Accessing the Thermistor

Before you begin, make sure your dryer is unplugged if it's electric or that the gas is turned off if it's a gas dryer. The thermistor is located behind the lint duct housing and above the blower housing. To access the thermistor, you'll need to remove the service panel using a putty knife, lift out the lint screen, and unscrew the lint duct housing.


The thermistor is diamond shaped with rounded edges. Remove any wires attaching it to the dryer. Take this time to vacuum any dust buildup that could be interfering with the internal temperature reading. Then, a 1/4-inch wrench will remove the screws that secure the thermistor to the machine.

Testing the Thermistor

Using a multimeter, you can find out for sure if your thermistor reading is the problem causing the error code on your dryer. Set your multimeter to the ohms setting. Place one meter probe on each of the thermistor's wire terminals. At room temperature, a Kenmore dryer should read around 10,000 ohms. If the resistance temperature is drastically higher or lower, then the thermistor is defective.


Replacing the Thermistor

Check your warranty to see if parts might be covered under your plan. If you need to pay out of pocket, it's wise to go through the manufacturer to replace the part. Kenmore is manufactured by Whirlpool and sold by Sears, so Sears Parts Direct will be able to help you get the proper part for the specific Kenmore model you own.


Since you already accessed the faulty thermistor to test it, all you'll need to do now is screw the new thermistor into the housing and reattach the wires. The wires can go in either spade connector. Working backward, replace the lint duct housing and the service panel. Plug your dryer back into the wall or turn on the gas. Your dryer should start tumbling and should function normally. If not, further Kenmore dryer troubleshooting is necessary.




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