Where to Grease a Squeaky Dryer

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Grease your dryer as soon as it starts to squeak to preserve its components’ integrity.

A dryer can start to squeak in various places over time. While you may want to grease noisy components to eliminate the sound, it's important to know where to lubricate a dryer, as not every component's function can be improved with lubrication. Certain dryer components can't be quieted or repaired with grease, and may require replacement instead.


Idler Pulley Mechanism

The idler pulley mechanism is one of three main components that will squeak on a dryer with excessive use. The component maintains tension on the belt to allow the drum to rotate smoothly and easily in the cabinet. The idler's wheel is generally where the squeaking first occurs. Review the user guide that came with your dryer for help locating the idler on your dryer. You'll need to remove the dryer's main access panel. The idler is positioned to one side of the drum nearest the motor. The belt encircles the idler's wheel. Grease the shaft of the idler and its front bearings to eliminate the squeaking.


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Rollers are small metal and rubber wheels often found on the outside of the drum, and represent another type of component that might squeak. They support the drum and enable it to rotate. Over time, the weight of the drum puts pressure on the rollers, and the added strain can cause one or more rollers to squeak. Consult the dryer's user guide for a diagram showing where to locate its rollers. You'll probably need to elevate or remove the drum to apply grease to the rollers, especially the ones that support the drum at its rear. The website DavesRepair.com recommends placing one or two drops at the front and back of each roller's bearing.


Rear Drum Bearing

Certain dryer models have a drum with a rear bearing support. The bearing helps the drum to turn, and stabilizes it inside the cabinet. The bearing will squeak once the grease that surrounds it starts to dry. Refer to the dryer's user guide for model-specific information about how to grease the drum's rear bearing. Depending on your model, you might be able to grease the bearing from the backside of the dryer without fully disassembling the drum.



A dryer's belt and gliders can also squeak, as the components age or become damaged. Unfortunately, you can't repair a squeaky belt or gliders with grease; these components must be replaced when they wear. Although both components are relatively easy to replace yourself, if you don't feel comfortable performing the task, contact a dryer repair technician to replace noisy, defective parts.



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