A thermal fuse in a clothes dryer is designed to discontinue the flow of electricity when excessive heat is present. This form of protection responds more quickly than a conventional fuse monitoring the flow of electricity can. The thermal fuse, once set off, will not allow the appliance to again be used until a new thermal fuse -- acquired from a hardware store or the service center of the store where the clothes dryer was purchased -- has been inserted in place of the one that has blown. The procedure to reset the appliance by replacing the thermal fuse is straightforward and does not require the use of specialized equipment -- only a few household tools.

Step 1

Unplug the clothes dryer's power cord from the wall outlet. Remove the two screws from the bottom front panel, using a Phillips screwdriver. Place the screws in a coffee cup for safekeeping.

Step 2

Swing the front panel out towards you so that you can look into the compartment. Locate the flat can-like component on the circuit board.

Step 3

Aim a flashlight at the flat-can-like component to locate the blown thermal fuse. The fuse resembles a transistor, and the conductive pins at each end are screwed onto the front of the component.

Step 4

Loosen the screws holding the blown thermal fuse in place, using a Phillips jeweler's screwdriver. Remove the blown thermal fuse from the component and discard it in the trash.

Step 5

Place the two conductive pins at each end of the replacement thermal fuse around the two screws on the component. Tighten the screws. Close the panel and reattach the screws you placed in the coffee cup. Plug the clothes dryer's power cord back into the AC outlet.