How to Open a Kenmore Dryer Panel

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No matter what you need to replace inside your Kenmore dryer—the belt, the motor, the idler, the drum supports or almost anything else—you will first need to remove the front dryer panel. Fortunately Kenmore makes this part of your dryer maintenance very easy, even for part-time do-it-yourselfers with limited experience. Do not be intimidated by your dryer—in many ways it is the easiest appliance to work on.


Step 1

Unplug your dryer from the electrical outlet.

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Step 2

Open the lint trap cover if there is one and remove the lint trap. Locate the two screws that are just under the lint filter and remove them. Set them aside in a safe place.

Step 3

Grasp the top of the dryer firmly with one hand on either side and pull toward you sharply and then lift up slightly. This will release the top of the dryer from the two springs that hold the front panel to the machine.


Step 4

Look at the back of the machine. Near the top will be two screws. Remove them and keep them safe. On some models the screws are Phillips; on other models you will need a flat screwdriver, and on still other models you will need a small crescent wrench to remove these two screws.

Step 5

Gently lift up on the top of the machine. On some models the front will lift up, and on other models the back lifts up toward you. Look at the wires that are attached to the top and note their order. Grasp the connectors and pull the wires straight out so you can lift the top all the way up.


Step 6

Lift up slightly on the front of the machine to release the spring clips that hold the bottom edge of the front panel and then pull the front panel away from the machine and set it to one side. You now have full access to the interior of your Kenmore dryer.

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