How to Take the Front Off of a Samsung Dryer

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Taking off the front panel of a Samsung dryer is the first step in multiple repair and maintenance procedures. Samsung dryer owners who need to repair or replace the dryer's belt will need to remove the front panel to access the idler pulley and motor shaft to align the new belt. Whether changing a belt or performing a motor troubleshoot, taking the front panel off is an essential part of accessing the inside of the dryer's cabin.


Step 1

Remove the two screws on the top-rear corners of the dryer with a Phillips-head screwdriver. Slide the top panel toward the rear of the dryer and lift it from the unit. Set the top panel aside.

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Step 2

Remove the four screws on the back of the control panel with the screwdriver. Lift the control panel away from the front of the Samsung dryer and set it on top of the dryer cabin, out of the way of the front panel.


Step 3

Remove the two screws at either of the upper-front corners of the front panel with the screwdriver.

Step 4

Open the dryer's door and remove the two lint filter screws at the bottom edge of the dryer's door opening.

Step 5

Pull the front panel away from the dryer. Look behind the front panel to find the door sensor wiring. Disconnect the wiring to completely detach the front panel from the Samsung dryer.



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