How to Take Apart a Hotpoint Dryer

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Things You'll Need

  • Hotpoint dryer

  • Screwdriver

  • Flashlight


Allow yourself ample room before undertaking this task.


Always switch your Hotpoint dryer off, and unplug it before taking it apart.

Check your warranty before servicing your Hotpoint dryer.

Even the most reliable appliances need servicing from time to time. Whether you're looking to fix a broken belt or investigating a mysterious sound, your Hotpoint dryer can be closely checked. If you're unable to locate a technical manual for your Hotpoint machine, don't despair. Hotpoint dryers fall into two categories: old style (pre-1997) and new style.


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Taking Apart Your Hotpoint Dryer

Step 1

Unplugging your dryer reduces risks.

Turn off your Hotpoint dryer, and disconnect the plug from the wall outlet. Doing this prevents unnecessary shocks or accidents.


Step 2

Ensure that you have ample work space before starting.

Open the door of your Hotpoint dryer, and locate the screws that hold the lid down.

Step 3

Use your screwdriver to remove all screws that hold the lid in place.


Step 4

Open the dryer lid. On a new-style Hotpoint dryer, you do this by flipping open the hinged lid. Note that only the front part can be lifted up. On old-style models, the lid can be fully removed to expose the dryer cabinet's interior.

Step 5

A flashlight can help you quickly find screws.

Locate and unfasten the two screws found inside the front panel of the dryer cabinet.


Step 6

Slide the front panel off. On old-style models, it can move to the right. On new-style models, it slides to the left.

Step 7

On newer Hotpoint dryers, you get a better view from the side by pushing the cabinet's side panels. Look approximately six inches from the base on the cabinet's right and left sides. You should see two screws. Unfasten them with a Phillips head screwdriver.

Removing Your Hotpoint Dryer's Drum

Step 1

Broken belts are a common problem with dryers.

Carefully unstring the belt from the idler and motor pulleys.


Step 2

For old-style models, use your screwdriver to remove the access panel found at the center of the dryer's back cover. Then you can remove the clip and washers.

Step 3

Pull out the drum from the front of your Hotpoint dryer to expose the heating element.


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