Reversing a Bosch Dryer Door

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Bosch dryer doors are factory-mounted on hinges located on the right side of the door, which may or may not be convenient for you depending on the configuration of your washer and dryer hookups. If the hookup for your washing machine is to the right of the dryer hookup, the door will open into the front of the washing machine, blocking you from easily moving clothes into the dryer. Bosch dryer doors are designed for easy removal and repositioning of the hinges if necessary.


Step 1

Unplug the dryer power cord from the wall. Place a towel or blanket on a floor or table. Open the dryer door. Unscrew and remove the hinge cover plate. Position the door at a 90 degree angle to the front of the dryer and pull the door and hinge pins away from the dryer.

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Step 2

Set aside any plastic bushings that fall off the hinge during removal. Lay the door carefully with the back facing you on top of the towel or blanket to avoid scratching the finish. Unscrew and remove the screw beneath the hinge cover plate.


Step 3

Remove the striker plate screws from the opposite side of the dryer door and remove the striker plate carefully. Hold on to the striker assembly below the plate to keep the parts in place. Set the cover and striker aside. Unscrew and remove the newly-exposed screw located beneath the plate cover.

Step 4

Remove the four front ring screws from the back side of the door. Remove the front ring and flip the glass cover over. Position the cover so the lip of the glass handle is facing you and rotate the handle 90 degrees clockwise.


Step 5

Rotate the front ring 180 degrees until the handle is located on the opposite side of the door. Flip the door back over and reinstall the screw that was located under the hinge cover plate.

Step 6

Rotate the striker and plate 180 degrees and reinstall the striker, plate and screws on the opposite side of the dryer door. Reinstall the four screws on the back of the door.


Step 7

Remove the hinge screws and hinge from the original side of the dryer opening. Remove the screws and plastic plate covering the screw holes on the opposite side. Rotate the parts 180 degrees and reinstall them on the opposite sides of the dryer opening.

Step 8

Insert the door into the hinge pins and replace any plastic bushings that fell out at the beginning of the process. Replace the hinge cover plate and screws.

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