How to Reverse the Door on a Whirlpool Duet Dryer

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The front-loading Duet line of washers and dryers from Whirlpool is rich in added features. Once of the key features of Duet dryers is the ability to switch the door to the other side of the dryer, giving you flexibility as to where you can install your dryer. You can install the door so it opens to the right or the left.


Step 1

Remove the four Torx screws holding the door hinge to the dryer. Lift the door up and pull it away from the dryer to remove it. Lay the door face-down on a large towel to protect it. Screw the four Torx screws back into the holes in the dryer.

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Step 2

Remove the two Trox screws holding the door strikeplate onto the dryer's door jamb. Remove the strikeplate and install it on the opposite side of the door jamb.


Step 3

Remove the Phillips screws along the inside of the door. Lift the inner door up and remove it from the outer door. Remove the six Phillips screws along the outer window retainer. Rotate the outer window assembly clockwise until the tabs on the window line up with holes on the frame, and lift the outer window retainer up and off of the window's trim ring.

Step 4

Rotate the outer window itself 180 degrees to rotate the handle to the other side. Replace the outer window retainer and rotate it counter-clockwise to lock it into place. Replace the six Phillips screws.


Step 5

Remove the Torx screws holding the hinge and latch plate in place. Reinstall the hinge on the opposite side of the door. Reinstall the latch plate on the opposite side of the hinge. Slide the inner door back into the outer door and replace the Trox screws.

Step 6

Remove the four Torx screws on the hinge slot on the door jamb. Slide the door into the door jamb and replace the screws.



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